See how to check your CPF debts today

Avoiding debt is crucial to your financial health. Find out how to check your CPF and learn about the risks of having a bad name.

Having debts in your name can bring several inconveniences, from difficulty in obtaining credit to even impediments in participating in public tenders.

Sometimes, people are not even aware that they are in default, either because of old debts or simply because they have forgotten about them.

Therefore, it is extremely important to check whether there are any pending financial issues registered on your CPF. Below, we will teach you how to check your CPF debts today. Therefore, continue reading.

Discover the implications of having a negative name and how it affects your finances. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Having a bad name, due to unpaid debts, can bring several risks, such as credit restrictions, high interest rates, legal consequences, difficulties in renting properties, restrictions on competitions and jobs, among others.

Additionally, it also affects mental health and credit scores. Regularizing debts is crucial to avoid these problems.

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How to check the CPF?

First of all, it is worth highlighting that the Brazilian government offers programs such as Desenrola Brasil to assist in debt renegotiation.

However, to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to be aware of your financial situation. Therefore, to check your CPF, follow the tips below:

Checking your CPF at credit protection services

To find out if your name is negative, it is essential to access the websites of the main credit bureaus, which are: Serasa, SPC Brasil and Boa Vista. Each of them has different information, so it is recommended to consult them all to get a complete picture of your financial situation.

Here is a simple guide to perform the query:

How to check the dirty name in SPC Brasil?

Access the Cadastro Positivo website (an account or log in. For the first access, use the Google Authenticator application to generate a password and a barcode. Scan the QR Code sent by email with the help of the application. With the Google Authenticator code, complete the login. In the option "Consult your CPF", you can check if there are any defaults registered in your name.

Learn how to check the dirty name in Boa Vista

Access the Consumidor Positivo da Boa Vista website (your CPF in the indicated field and click on "Consult CPF for free". Fill in the registration form with your information. On the main page, you can check if your name is clear in Boa Vista.

How to check the dirty name on Serasa?

Access the Serasa website (or download the application. Choose the option "Consult CPF and free score". Log in or create an account. In the "My CPF" section, check if there are records of debts, protests, unpaid checks fund, bankruptcies or lawsuits.

In conclusion, being aware of the status of your CPF is a fundamental step in maintaining control of your finances.

In this context, if you identify debts, it is still possible to take advantage of renegotiation programs to clear your name, thus enabling access to credit and better financial opportunities.

Be sure to check your situation and take measures to regularize your financial situation.

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