see how to calculate and find out which courses you have a chance of passing

Enem 2023 marked a crucial moment in the educational journey of many students! Check out the complete step-by-step guide to using the Simulator and analyzing the results.

A tool that has been gaining prominence on the internet, amid the publication of the results of the National High School Exam, is the Enem simulator. It is a free platform that helps students calculate their averages and predict which courses and universities they have a chance of being accepted into.

So, how to use the simulator? In the article below, we will show how this tool works and reveal how it can be a great ally when planning your academic future.

Enem simulator: see how to calculate and find out which courses you have a chance of passing. Credit: plasticaxe.

How was Enem 2023?

Enem 2023 brought challenges and opportunities to students across Brazil. The test, known for its scope and importance in higher education, required preparation and dedication.

The exam was carried out on two different Sundays, at the beginning of November. According to data from the Ministry of Education, millions of students participated in the test.

This Tuesday (January 16), the MEC also released the results of Enem 2023. Now, with the results in hand, students seek to understand their possibilities and options for higher education.

Where is the Enem Simulator available?

Firstly, we must clarify that the Enem Simulator, a crucial tool for Brazilians who took the National High School Exam, is available on the "Guru do Sisu" platform.

The site specializes in disseminating information about Enem and the Government’s student incentive programs, such as SiSu and FIES.

How to use the Enem Simulator in Guru do Sisu?

The "Guru do Sisu" website uses cut-off scores from previous years of the Unified Selection System (Sisu) to predict which courses students would pass, taking into account the weights of each college. See how to use the Enem 2023 calculator on the website:

Access the Guru do Sisu website ( the course and the desired state.Enter your grades in the areas of Languages ​​and Codes, Mathematics, Natural Science, Human Sciences and Writing.Select the desired vacancy option (broad competition, public schools or quotas for affirmative action). The tool will show you the colleges you have a chance of getting into in your state.

Why use the Enem Simulator?

The Enem simulator is a valuable tool for several reasons. Below we present some of the most important points:

Realistic forecast: Offers a realistic forecast of the chances of approval based on concrete data from previous years.Guidance in the choice process: Helps to define more informed strategies and choices in Sisu.Time saving: Avoids wasting time applying for courses with minimal chances of approval.

Don’t delay to check the result!

The Enem simulator is a significant innovation that helps students make more informed decisions about their educational journey. With this tool, Brazilians can better understand their chances of passing various higher education courses.

Still have doubts? Visit the official Guru do Sisu website to resolve all questions:

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