see how the new feature works that puts even Itaú to shame

Uncover PIX Fiado: Nubank revolutionizes transfers with flexible payment, leaving competitors behind.

In the constantly evolving world of financial institutions, Nubank once again emerges as a pioneer in offering innovative services that seek to make life easier for its customers. In an attempt to exceed expectations and provide a unique experience, the company recently launched a feature that promises to transform the way people make transfers and payments.

PIX Fiado, as it was called, not only simplifies the process, but also offers surprising flexibility, leaving even competitors like Itaú in the background.

Nubank and PIX Fiado: find out more about the new feature. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

PIX Fiado and its innovation in the financial market

Financial institutions face fierce competition to win and keep customers, and the key to this is constant innovation. As reported by ‘Revista Financeira’, Nubank is standing out in this scenario with the launch of PIX Fiado, a feature that has the potential to revolutionize the way we carry out financial transactions.

PIX Fiado allows users to use PIX Crédito to make immediate payments, postponing the debit until they have funds available in their accounts. This functionality is similar to creating a credit card statement, providing customers with incredible flexibility in financial transfers. It is worth mentioning that this innovation is not yet available in traditional banks like Itaú, which puts Nubank in a privileged position.

The flexibility of the new Nubank feature in detail

One of the great advantages of PIX Fiado is the possibility of splitting transactions, if necessary. However, it is essential to highlight that, in this case, interest may apply on the installment payment. Therefore, users should carefully evaluate this option and consider their financial needs before choosing to pay in installments.

Now, we will explain how to make a PIX Fiado on Nubank, in five simple steps:

First, open the Nubank app (available for both Android and iOS devices. Then, access the "Pix Area" section and select the "Transfer" option. Enter the desired amount and provide the recipient’s details. Carefully check the data entered, as accuracy is essential at this stage. When choosing the payment method, choose "Credit Card" instead of "Account Balance". If necessary, choose the desired number of installments, enter your password and confirm the operation .

Who can use Nubank’s PIX Fiado?

To take advantage of this functionality, it is essential that you have a limit available on your Nubank credit card. Without this limit, the PIX Fiado option will not be available.

With Nubank’s PIX Fiado, you gain even greater control over your finances and can make transfers conveniently, postponing payments until the most suitable time. This innovation puts Nubank at the forefront of the financial market and offers an attractive option for its customers. Don’t waste time and try this new feature that promises to put even Itaú to shame. Now you have control in your hands!

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