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Proof of life is a necessary activity every year, in the case of those who have already retired. See how to do it in 2024 and what has changed!

INSS proof of life is a crucial procedure for all retirees and pensioners, ensuring the continuity of their benefits.

In 2024, INSS implemented a more convenient and accessible way to carry out this process: digitally. See how to do it!

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Understanding proof of life and its importance

In principle, proof of life is a mandatory annual procedure for INSS beneficiaries, which serves to prove that the retiree or pensioner is alive and, therefore, has the right to continue receiving benefits.

This process is crucial to prevent fraud and improper payments, ensuring that INSS resources are correctly allocated to eligible people.

In other words, carrying out proof of life is a way of ensuring that your benefit is maintained and protecting the social security system.

What if I don’t have the procedure?

If the INSS beneficiary does not provide proof of life within the established period, their payments may be temporarily suspended.

This means that the person will no longer receive the benefit until the situation is regularized.

To reactivate the payment, the beneficiary will have to go to an INSS agency or perform proof of life digitally, depending on the available options.

Therefore, failure to provide proof of life can cause significant inconvenience, especially for those who depend on the benefit for their livelihood.

How to take the life test online?

In short, proof of digital life can be done through the Meu INSS app (Android: or iOS: available for smartphones.

The process involves facial validation, using the cell phone camera. Recipients need to follow instructions in the app, which include face positioning and specific movements to confirm identity.

This process is quick and safe and, once completed, guarantees continued receipt of benefits.

Who should take the test?

All INSS beneficiaries must take proof of life annually. Failure to carry out this procedure may result in suspension of payments.

Normally, the INSS communicates to beneficiaries about the need to carry out proof of life through messages on the payment statement and other means of communication.

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What will serve as proof of life in 2024?

For 2024, the INSS proof of life can be carried out in several ways:

Digitally through the Meu INSS app, using facial recognition;In person at INSS agencies or accredited banks;For beneficiaries with mobility difficulties, by scheduling home care or by presenting a medical certificate;Attorneys or legal representatives can also carry out proof of life in the name of the beneficiary, as long as they are duly registered with the INSS.

These options aim to provide accessibility and convenience, allowing everyone to meet this important requirement.

Will the 13th salary be advanced this year?

Finally, this year, INSS beneficiaries will have a significant change in relation to the payment of their 13th salary.

Unlike previous years, in which the first installment of the benefit was brought forward during the first half of the year, in 2024, payment will follow the traditional schedule.

This means that the first installment of the 13th salary will only be paid in the second semester, more specifically in August and the second installment in November, according to the usual dates established by the INSS.

This change in the payment schedule requires attention and planning on the part of beneficiaries, especially those who counted on this advance to organize their personal finances and meet extra expenses at the beginning of the year.

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