SECRET formula to make rice fluffy; almost no one knows this!

Learn the secret to fluffy and tasty rice in just a few steps. Make your grains perfect at every meal!

Preparing fluffy, white and delicious rice is the desire of many cooks, but not everyone knows the secret formula that guarantees this result.

While in Italy it is common to enjoy sticky, wet rice in risottos, here in Brazil, we prefer loose grains, accompanied by a succulent beef steak, fresh beans and a tomato salad.

However, it is not always easy to achieve the desired texture. In this article, we will reveal the secrets to preparing the perfect rice, revealing step by step how to ensure that your grains are loose and delicious at every meal.

Discover the secret formula to never make a mistake when preparing rice again. (Photo: Disclosure).

Learn how to make SOLTINHO rice

The first crucial step to obtaining fluffy rice is washing the grains correctly. Wash the rice carefully, repeating the process until the water is completely clear.

This is essential to remove excess starch that can cause the grains to stick together during cooking.

This step is often neglected, but it is one of the essential secrets to successful rice preparation.

How to sauté rice?

After washing and drying the rice, it’s time to start the sautéing process. Use just a little oil or olive oil to sauté the rice in the pan.

If you prefer, add garlic and onion for flavor. Make sure the oil coats all the grains and spices evenly.

Wait until the rice begins to "pop" in the oil before proceeding to the next step. This is the time to create a tasty base for your rice.

How much water to cook loose rice?

A common mistake when preparing rice is the inadequate proportion of water. The ideal measure is to use 1 and ½ parts of water for each part of rice.

This proportion ensures that the grains have the desired "al dente" texture and are loose. Add salt and adjust the seasoning according to your personal taste at this stage.

This is the liquid base that will ensure the rice is cooked perfectly.

The cooking

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to stir rice during cooking unless you are preparing risotto.

Stirring too much can cause the grains to lose water and result in soggy rice. Keep the lid of the pot closed and let the rice cook undisturbed, allowing the steam to do its work.

Is it necessary to let the rice rest?

Just like pasta, rice also needs a rest period after cooking.

Turn off the heat just before the rice is completely cooked, cover the pan and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

This time period allows the rice to reach the perfect consistency and the grains to loosen naturally.

Can I add water while cooking?

If necessary, add more water to complete cooking, but make sure the water is boiling, never cold or at room temperature.

Thermal shock can disrupt the cooking of the rice and affect the final quality of the dish. Therefore, add water carefully, just enough to achieve the desired result.

With these precious tips and the secret formula in hand, you will be ready to prepare the perfect, fluffy and delicious rice for all your meals.

Now that the secrets have been revealed, you will never go wrong when cooking rice again. Surprise your family and friends with impeccable rice and enjoy even tastier meals. Enjoy!

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