Santander challenging Nubank? Bank offers FREE food, extra cash and more

Get free food at Santander when you participate in THIS action! We show you everything you need to know to enjoy these unusual benefits.

A great upheaval is currently happening in the financial world! Santander, one of Brazil’s banking giants, is upping its game with a surprising offer that promises to shake up the market and directly challenge Nubank.

With a bold proposal of several exceptional benefits, Santander brings advantages that include everything from free food to extra money, aiming to delight and win the hearts and pockets of Brazilians! Keep reading to check out more details!

Is it true that customers can get free food at Santander? Credit: Reproduction.

How to open an account with Santander?

Before exploring what’s new at Santander, it’s important to understand how to open a bank account. Opening an account with Santander is a simple process that can be done online.

First, you need to download the Santander app and follow the step-by-step registration process, providing your personal and financial details.

After credit analysis and approval, you will be ready to enjoy the benefits that Santander offers, such as account management through the app, credit card with no annual fee and much more.

Attention! In some cases, account opening is only confirmed when holders go in person to the bank’s branches.

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Free food and other benefits at Santander!

Santander Unique arrives with a tempting proposal for those looking for more than a simple credit card. The card, in this sense, could be a great rival to Nubank.

Focusing on customers with high purchasing power, with a minimum income of R$20,000, the card promises a range of benefits that go beyond the conventional – including even free food. Let’s look at each of these benefits below.

VIP lounges at airports around the world

Frequent travelers will be pleased to know that with Santander Unique, they will have access to more than 800 VIP lounges in airports around the world, providing comfort and exclusivity on their trips.

Complete travel assistance

The card not only offers access to VIP lounges, but also complete travel assistance, ensuring peace of mind on your journeys.

Global Emergency Assistance

In unexpected situations, Santander Unique offers global emergency assistance, ensuring support when most needed in all regions of the world.

Free food with Santander Priceless Cities

This is an initiative that offers exclusive experiences in cities around the world, expanding the horizons of Santander Unique customers. These experiences include, for example, free meals at various restaurants.

Life and Auto Insurance

For greater peace of mind in everyday life, the card provides life and car insurance, covering important eventualities.

Accumulation of points in the Sphere

Every purchase made with Santander Unique turns into points in the Esfera program, which can be exchanged for a variety of rewards and experiences.

Discounts of up to 50%

Santander Unique customers enjoy significant discounts on a wide range of products, increasing the perceived value of the card.

Exchange Points for trips

Finally, for travel lovers, the possibility of exchanging accumulated points for trips is an invaluable benefit, making every expense a potential future adventure.

Santander Unique, with its range of benefits, rivals Nubank, which also offers access to VIP lounges on its cards.

With an annual fee of R$996, payable in 12 installments of R$83, and the possibility of a 50% exemption on the annual fee when spending a minimum of R$7,000, the card is positioned as an attractive option for those looking for exclusivity and a wide range of advantages.

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