Salary bonus RELEASED? See how to check your PIS/Pasep using only your CPF

PIS/Pasep payment will be available within a few days. See who is entitled to receive it and how to check your benefit.

Attention, workers! The Federal Revenue has released the payment of PIS/Pasep 2024, bringing an excellent opportunity for those who are eligible to receive the benefit.

Therefore, if you are part of the private sector or a public servant, prepare to consult and receive your benefit.

The moment that many workers have been waiting for is about to arrive: find out everything about PIS/Pasep payment! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The importance of PIS/Pasep

PIS/Pasep is a crucial financial benefit for private sector workers (PIS) and public servants (Pasep).

These programs offer salary bonuses, unemployment insurance and company profit sharing, providing financial security in uncertain times.

In general, private sector workers receive payment from PIS, while public servants rely on Pasep.

Where can I see PIS/Pasep?

First, to check the PIS number, access the Meu INSS website or app (Android: or iOS:

Then, log in with your CPF and password, and click on "My Registration". Your PIS number will be available there.

With it, you can check the payment of benefits. Remembering that you can also call Caixa Cidadão on 0800 726 0207.

PIS/Pasep 2024 payment calendar

Payment follows a specific schedule.


PIS follows the beneficiary’s birth dates:

Birth in January: February 15; Birth in February: March 15; Birth in March and April: April 15; Birth in May and June: May 15; Birth in July and August: June 17; Birth in September and October: July 15th; Birth in November and December: August 15th.


In contrast, Pasep follows the worker’s Social Registration Number (NIS):

NIS ending 0: February 15;NIS ending 1: March 15;NIS ending 2 and 3: April 15;NIS ending 4 and 5: May 15;NIS ending 6 and 7: June 17 ;NIS ending 8: July 15th;NIS ending 9: August 15th.

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How to calculate the PIS/Pasep value

In short, the value of the salary bonus varies depending on the number of months worked in 2022 and is calculated based on 1/12 of the current minimum wage.

With the current minimum wage of R$1,412, the value of the benefit can vary from R$117.67 to R$1,412. This will therefore depend on how long you worked in the base year.

Checking the right to benefit

From February 5th, workers can check whether they are entitled to the PIS/Pasep 2024 salary bonus.

PIS beneficiaries can check on the Caixa Tem app (Android: or iOS: while Pasep beneficiaries can check via the Banco do Brasil website (

Who can receive the salary bonus

PIS/Pasep is an essential benefit for millions of Brazilian workers, acting as an income supplement. To be eligible to receive it, there are specific rules:

The worker must have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days in the base year considered for payment; The worker must have received, on average, up to two minimum monthly wages during the base year; The employee must be registered with the PIS/Pasep for at least five years; The company you worked for must have correctly reported the employee’s data in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS) for the base year.

If it’s within the rules, you’ll definitely get paid.

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