Salary bonus and February deposit: Caixa Tem has already STARTED!

Find out how to guarantee your salary bonus in 2024 and stay up to date with payment dates. An opportunity to strengthen your finances is coming!

Caixa Tem is starting an important process in February that directly affects the lives of formal workers throughout Brazil: PIS/PASEP salary bonus deposits.

This is a moment awaited by many, as it represents a financial injection that can make all the difference in personal expenses and projects.

In this article, we will explore in detail what the salary bonus is, who is entitled to it, how the amount is calculated and the important dates to keep an eye on the payment calendar. Follow along!

Find out if you are entitled to the salary bonus and check the payment calendar so you don’t miss this chance to boost your income in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the salary bonus?

The PIS/PASEP salary bonus is an important benefit that aims to help low-income formal workers.

Namely, this right was acquired in 2022 and represents a form of financial support that can reach up to R$1,412.

The distribution of this benefit is carried out by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) for private sector workers (PIS) and by Banco do Brasil (BB) for public servants, state employees and military personnel (PASEP).

Who is entitled to receive the salary bonus?

To receive PIS/PASEP, you must meet some eligibility criteria. In principle, these criteria have not undergone significant changes in recent years, as follows:

Enrollment in PIS/PASEP programs: The worker must have been enrolled in the programs for at least five years. Period of Work: In addition, it is also necessary to have worked with a formal contract for at least 30 consecutive days or not during the year of reference.Income: The worker must have an income of up to two minimum wages, that is, R$2,824. in 2024. Updated Data in Rais: Labor data must be duly informed and updated in the Annual Social Information List (Rais).

What is the value of the salary bonus?

In short, the value of the salary bonus is calculated gradually, depending on the number of months worked in the reference year.

For example, those who worked for just one month with a formal contract will receive R$117.67, while those who worked for 12 months will receive the maximum amount of R$1,412.00.

PIS/Pasep 2024 salary bonus payment calendar

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the payment schedule to ensure that you receive your salary bonus on time.

Payment dates vary according to the worker’s final registration number and are as follows:

PIS (Caixa Econômica Federal)

January: February 15, 2024;February: March 15, 2024;March: April 14, 2024;April: April 15, 2024;May: May 15, 2024;June: May 15, 2024;July: June 15, 2024;August: June 15, 2024;September: July 15, 2024;October: July 15, 2024;November: August 15, 2024;December: August 15, 2024.

PASEP (Bank of Brazil)

Final registration 0: February 15, 2024;Final registration 1: March 15, 2024;Final registration 2: April 15, 2024;Final registration 3: April 15, 2024;Final registration 4: May 15, 2024; Final registration 5: May 15, 2024;Final registration 6: June 17, 2024;Final registration 7: June 17, 2024;Final registration 8: July 15, 2024;Final registration 9: August 15, 2024.

In conclusion, the salary bonus is an important financial aid for millions of workers across Brazil.

Finally, ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria and keep up with your payment schedule is critical to receiving this benefit.

Therefore, be sure to check the dates corresponding to your case and take advantage of this opportunity to supplement your income and improve your financial situation.

Always be informed and don’t miss deadlines to receive your salary bonus on time.

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