salaries exceed R$30 thousand, check it out!

The era of Public Tenders has arrived in Brazil! With more than 60 thousand vacancies available, selection processes are unique opportunities for those who want to stand out in their careers.

In Brazil’s current panorama, public tenders emerge as a coveted route for many who seek stability and attractive remuneration.

With an offer of 59,786 vacancies spread throughout the national territory, the opportunities are vast and diverse, catering to a range of professional profiles. See the details below!

Check out everything about the new public competitions! Credit: plasticaxe.

It’s worth working in public service!

Yes! The benefits of working in the public sector go far beyond a good salary. Below, we have the main advantages of this type of work:

Professional Stability: Guarantee of employment that provides peace of mind and financial security. Career Plan: Possibilities for growth and structured salary progression. Extra Benefits: Health plans, food vouchers and transportation assistance are some of the additional attractions.

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Thousands of vacancies in public competitions

The highlight is the Unified National Competition, promoted by the Federal Government, which alone offers 6,640 vacancies in areas such as health, education and security. Therefore, the new selection process is called "Enem dos Concursos"

In addition to this, there are competitions in the Legislative Assemblies of the states and in the Public Ministry, all promising competitive salaries and the much-desired stability.

Find out about the salaries offered

Salaries in public competitions are a big draw, with the salary ceiling reaching R$33,900 in several competitions currently held.

It is worth noting that higher salaries are generally intended for positions of high responsibility and require higher education.

Tips for preparing for competitions

It is not enough to just register for competitions to guarantee access to job vacancies in the public service. On the contrary: it is necessary to invest in strong preparation to stand out in the tests. Check out the best tips below:

Knowing the Notice: Fundamental to understanding the requirements and stages of the competition.Study schedule: Organization and discipline in studying are essential.Preparatory courses: Can provide more effective guidance and quality materials.Practice with previous questions: Helps to familiarize yourself with the competition. with the format of the tests. Continuous updating: Staying informed about the area of ​​interest can make a difference in the selection stages.

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Public competitions currently open

The time has come to resolve one of the main doubts Brazilians have: which public tenders are currently open?

In 2024, the most important selection processes, already confirmed and with the notice available, are the following:

Federal Government: 6,640 vacancies available, with salaries of up to R$33,900. Find out more at: Paraná Legislature: Number of available vacancies not disclosed, with salaries of up to R$33,900. Find out more at: Público do Rio de Janeiro: Number of available vacancies not disclosed, with salaries of up to R$33,900. Find out more at:

The opportunities above reflect the diversity and potential of public competitions in Brazil, opening doors to a solid and promising career in the public sector.

With the right combination of preparation and dedication, achieving one of these positions can be a tangible reality for many Brazilians. Good luck!

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