Revenue releases consultation on the 1st residual batch of IR in 2024: see how to do it!

Find out when you can check the 1st residual batch of Income Tax this year and don’t waste time making your declaration!

The Federal Revenue Service has just opened the doors to a new financial horizon in 2024: consultation of the IR residual batch.

This is news that can bring a smile to many faces, especially those who were eager to settle their scores with the lion. Shall we check it out?

Do you want to check the residual batch of your Income Tax? See how to do this in 2024 and don’t waste time! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

After all, what is a residual batch?

Firstly, the residual batch is a set of Income Tax refunds that are released after the regular batches.

It includes taxpayers who fell through the cracks and resolved their disputes with the Federal Revenue Service.

These batches are made up of declarations that were withheld due to inconsistencies, but which were corrected and, therefore, are now eligible to receive a refund.

In other words, the residual batch serves as an opportunity to adjust the tax situation and receive amounts due after correcting the declarations.

How is the residual lot collected?

In short, through Income Tax deductible items, which are expenses that can be subtracted from the taxpayer’s annual gross income, reducing the amount on which the tax is calculated.

These items are considered essential or beneficial to society, such as medical expenses and education.

The deduction of these items, in short, aims to alleviate the tax burden on expenses considered important, allowing taxpayers to reduce the tax calculation basis due and, consequently, the amount of tax payable or increase the refund amount.

Discover some deductible items

Examples of income tax deductible items include:

Medical and hospital expenses, such as consultations, exams, treatments and surgeries; Education expenses, covering school fees up to an established limit; Contributions to Social Security and private pension plans (PGBL); Lawyer expenses in alimony actions; Donations for cultural, sporting projects and social actions, which fall under tax incentive laws.

These items, when declared correctly, help reduce the tax due or increase the refund.

Opportunity to regularize

Furthermore, the residual batch is an opportunity for those who fell through the cracks, but who have already resolved their disputes with the Revenue.

This batch covers 306,224 taxpayers, which demonstrates the extent of this regularization process.

Ultimately, this is a chance to close cycles and start a new year with your finances in order.

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What are the priorities of the residual batch?

A detail that stands out is the total value of R$800,000,000.00 allocated to this lot. Priorities, such as seniors over 80 years of age, people with disabilities, teachers and others, receive special attention.

In addition, those who opted for the pre-filled declaration or refund via Pix are also highlighted.

This strategy shows the IRS’s efforts to speed up and facilitate processes, reflecting a more modern and inclusive approach.

How to consult and receive?

Now, to find out if you are included in this batch, you can consult the Federal Revenue website or the e-CAC portal (

The process is simple, intuitive and accessible, ensuring that everyone can verify their information with ease.

The refund, in turn, will be deposited directly into the bank account indicated in the declaration, or via Pix key, highlighting the efficiency and security of the process.

Considerations for the 2024 residual batch

This first residual batch of the 2024 IRPF represents more than just numbers and bureaucratic processes.

It symbolizes an opportunity for a financial fresh start for many taxpayers. It’s a time to put our accounts in order, to look ahead and plan a more stable and promising future.

Therefore, if you are among those selected, take this chance to breathe a sigh of relief and start the year off on the right foot.

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