Revenue establishes deadlines and rules

Recently, the Federal Revenue ended up releasing the IR 2024 delivery calendar and other valuable information. Know more about!

Are you already up to date with the latest news about Income Tax (IR 2024)?

This year, some things will change and it is important that those who have the obligation do not miss the details. Let’s go?

IR 2024 is about to arrive and it is important to keep an eye on it so as not to let it pass. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Revenue defined the dates of IR 2024

Initially, the Federal Revenue Service has already defined the calendar for submitting the Personal Income Tax Declaration (DIRPF) 2024.

The delivery period begins on March 15th and ends on May 31st. It is crucial to be careful not to fall into the fine mesh!

Changes in IR 2024

One of the important changes is the change in the exemption table. Now, anyone with a monthly income of up to R$2,640 is exempt from paying tax.

This change reflects a significant increase compared to previous years, benefiting many Brazilians.

Furthermore, the IRS is paying special attention to cryptocurrency movements, which must now be declared.

How do discounts and deductions work?

Furthermore, another new feature is the direct discount at source for those with a salary of up to R$2,640. The exemption range was increased to R$2,112, allowing the automatic deduction of R$528.

This adjustment mainly benefits those with lower salaries, bringing significant tax relief.

New limits in the IR 2024 table

For 2024, the IR table presents new limits and rates, reflecting the changes implemented.

It’s important that you familiarize yourself with these new numbers to understand how they will affect your return.

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How do deductions work?

In short, deductions in the context of Income Tax refer to certain types of expenses that can be subtracted from a person’s total income before calculating the tax to be paid.

In general, these deductions are allowed by tax law to reduce the tax burden on the taxpayer.

In the IR declaration, expenses such as medical expenses, education, alimony, private pension and contributions to the INSS are deductible.

Deductions for dependents and domestic help are also accepted. It is important to highlight that these expenses must be proven by documents and respect the limits established by the Federal Revenue Service.

What happens if I don’t declare IR 2024?

If you don’t have the obligation, that’s fine. Now, for those who have it, not submitting the IR 2024 declaration within the deadline results in a fine that varies from 1% per month on the tax due, with a minimum value of R$165.74.

In addition to the fine, the taxpayer is indebted to the Federal Revenue Service, which can generate impediments such as issuing a negative certificate and problems obtaining credits.

Understand fine mesh and its dangers

Falling into the fine mesh means that the declaration presented inconsistencies that need to be verified. This can happen due to errors, omissions or misinformation in the information declared.

If you fall into the fine net, it will be necessary to provide clarifications to the Federal Revenue Service, and, in cases of irregularities, fines and interest may be charged.

In more serious situations, the taxpayer may even face prosecution for tax evasion.

And how do I find out if I fell into the fine mesh?

Finally, to check whether your Income Tax declaration is within the fine mesh, access the "My Income Tax" portal on the Federal Revenue website (

Use your CPF, access code and password to log in. Once logged in, check the status of your statement.

If it is "in processing" or "processed", everything is fine. If it appears "with pending issues" or "under analysis", it means that there are inconsistencies and your statement is in the fine print.

In this case, it is necessary to wait for notification from the Revenue to provide the correction or present the necessary documents to prove the declared information.

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