Retirees are earning almost R$8,000 from INSS: government confirmed!

Retirement payments return with great news in 2024! Many retirees can guarantee deposits of almost R$8,000 in the INSS; check out the details.

Recent news brought a reason to celebrate for millions of INSS retirees and pensioners in Brazil, resulting in a payment of almost R$8,000!

As announced by the government, a significant adjustment in benefits is being implemented, substantially increasing the amount received by many beneficiaries.

In the guide below, we will better understand this change and what it means for retirees! Read carefully to check if you are eligible.

Retirees are earning almost R$8,000 from INSS: government confirmed! Credit: plasticaxe.

The importance of INSS for Brazilians

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is a fundamental institution in the lives of Brazilians. With more than 39 million people served, the INSS manages the most varied types of retirement and pensions.

For many, INSS is the main source of income in retirement, guaranteeing financial security and dignity after years of work.

Government slams the hammer: R$8,000 for INSS retirees

In an eagerly awaited decision, the government announced a 3.71% increase in benefits for INSS retirees and pensioners who earn above the minimum wage.

This increase, based on inflation measured by INPC, raises the social security ceiling from R$7,507.49 to R$7,786.01. In other words: Brazilians who are entitled to the maximum INSS payments can guarantee access to a deposit of almost R$8,000 in 2024.

What explains the readjustment?

The adjustment is a direct response to the growing economic demands faced by beneficiaries, especially considering the context of inflation and rising costs of living.

For many, this adjustment represents more than a simple numerical increase; It's a tangible improvement in your purchasing power and well-being.

Benefit of R$8,000 is good news for retirees

This adjustment represents a significant improvement in the lives of retirees and pensioners. Although many beneficiaries receive up to one minimum wage, there are those who earn two or more minimum wages.

With the new adjustment, these beneficiaries will see a considerable increase in their monthly income. The increase will not only be available to retirees, but also to all other Social Security insureds.

13th INSS salary: How to calculate it?

With the readjustment of the INSS ceiling, the value of the 13th salary for autarchy beneficiaries is also changed. So, how to calculate it?

Calculating the new value of the 13th salary for INSS beneficiaries is a simple process, but of great importance. With the adjustment, it is necessary to divide the monthly retirement amount by 12. For example, for a retiree who receives R$1,412.00, the division will result in R$117.66.

This value is then multiplied by the number of months of receiving the benefit. Thus, if the benefit was received for four months, the 13th will be R$470.66.

This calculation ensures that retirees receive a 13th proportional to the updated value of their benefits, ensuring that they are not harmed by economic variations throughout the year.

Financial relief for those who need it most

The adjustment announced by the government is welcome news for INSS retirees and pensioners. It represents not only financial relief, but also a recognition of the importance of ensuring a dignified life for those who have dedicated years of service to the country.

With this increase, it is expected that many beneficiaries will be able to improve their quality of life, facing the challenges of retirement with greater ease. Find out more on the agency’s official website:

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