release of R$ 3 thousand is APPROVED

At the beginning of 2024, exciting news filled the hearts of Brazilians aged 65 and over with hope: the approval of a new benefit that provides for the release of amounts starting at R$3,000.

This achievement represents a significant triumph for this part of the population and a well-deserved recognition for their contribution over the years.

Curious to know more details about this new benefit? So, keep reading.

Benefit of R$3,000 for seniors is approved: what does this mean for the lives of Brazilians aged 65 and over? Find out now! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The measure reflects the government’s commitment to promoting the well-being of more experienced citizens, recognizing the particularities and needs of this age group.

The decision to offer this financial assistance aims to provide additional support to the elderly, contributing to a more dignified and comfortable quality of life.

Double exemption from Income Tax

An important piece of information to highlight is that retirees over 65 years of age are exempt from paying Income Tax if their monthly income does not exceed R$3,807.96.

This is due to the so-called "double exemption", which is granted based on the taxpayer’s income range and age.

Those who continue working and add retirement and salary above this amount need to pay IR, regardless of age.

How to pay Income Tax?

Namely, paying Income Tax in Brazil involves some crucial steps:

Calculation and Issuance of Darf: Immediately after completing the Income Tax declaration, the taxpayer must generate the Federal Revenue Collection Document (Darf) using the Federal Revenue program or the authorized bank’s online service. Access to Darf: In short , the Darf generated will contain information such as the revenue code, the calculation period and the amount of tax due. You can access it in the Federal Revenue program or in the declaration extract on the official website. Payment at Authorized Banks: The taxpayer can make the Darf payment at authorized bank branches, via internet banking, ATMs or banking applications, entering the code of the revenue and the tax amount.Payment Scheduling: Some banks allow payment scheduling, which is useful to avoid forgetfulness and ensure compliance with the obligation within the deadline established by the Federal Revenue Service.Lottery Payment: In some situations, the Taxpayers can also make payments at lottery outlets, especially if the amount owed does not exceed the limit established by these establishments.

A victory for the Elderly

In summary, the approval of this R$3,000 benefit for seniors aged 65 and over is excellent news for this portion of the population.

Now, they can count on more financial support and recognition for their contributions to society over the years.

This is another important step towards a more dignified and comfortable life for Brazilian elderly people.

In 2024, Brazilians aged 65 or over have reasons to celebrate, with the approval of the benefit that provides for releases starting at R$3,000.

This measure represents not only financial assistance, but also a gesture of recognition for the fundamental role played by this generation over time.

Furthermore, it is important that everyone is aware of the Income Tax payment process and the exemptions available to seniors.

Ensure that your rights are being respected, in order to fully enjoy the benefits granted.

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