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Find out how INSS plans to benefit its policyholders in 2024 with an anticipation of the 13th salary and increased benefits. Stay up to date with the latest news for even better financial stability!

The National Social Security Institute (INSS) is an institution that plays a vital role in the lives of millions of Brazilians, especially retirees and formal workers.

Your actions and decisions directly impact the financial stability of your policyholders, and one of the most encouraging news in recent times was the announcement about the anticipation of beneficiaries’ 13th salary.

The INSS is preparing positive surprises for 2024: anticipation of the 13th salary and increase in benefits. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The anticipation of the 13th salary: financial relief in challenging times

In May 2023, INSS policyholders received excellent news. The Federal Government decided to bring forward the payment of the 13th salary, a measure that aimed not only to benefit retirees and pensioners, but also to stimulate the national economy.

According to the information released, this advance would be divided into two installments, the first being paid in May and the second in June. The decision brought welcome financial relief to millions of policyholders, who were able to count on an injection of extra money at a strategic time.

After all, what to expect for 2024?

The big question now is whether this anticipation of the 13th salary will be maintained in 2024. Expectations are high, as this measure has proven to be beneficial not only for the insured, but also for the country’s economy as a whole. The government recognized the importance of providing financial support to INSS beneficiaries and encouraged domestic consumption.

In addition to the anticipation of the 13th salary, another positive change expected for 2024 is the increase in the benefit. The minimum amount to be received by INSS will follow the new salary floor, which has been readjusted to R$1,412. This represents an increase of R$92 compared to the previous value. It is, therefore, excellent news for the more than 39 million insured people in the program.

Improvements in the provision of INSS services

In addition to the good news related to the 13th salary and the increase in benefits, the INSS is also working on improvements in the provision of services to policyholders. One of the main focuses is reducing queues and improving online service, facilitating access to information and speeding up the benefit application processes.

Furthermore, another important new feature is the expansion of communication channels, including mobile applications and online chats to answer questions. These initiatives aim to make the relationship between the INSS and its beneficiaries more efficient and convenient.

Attention to the mental health of INSS policyholders

In addition to improvements in the financial aspect and provision of services, the INSS is also placing emphasis on the mental health of insured people. The COVID-19 pandemic brought additional challenges, and many beneficiaries faced emotional difficulties. The program is promoting awareness about the importance of mental health and providing resources for those in need of psychological support.

The INSS plays a fundamental role in the financial security of Brazilians. Thus, the changes announced for 2024 promise to further improve the quality of life of its beneficiaries. The anticipation of the 13th salary, the increase in benefits, improvements in the provision of services and attention to mental health are positive signs that the government is committed to providing comprehensive support to INSS policyholders.

Stay tuned for all INSS updates for 2024, as these changes could make a difference in your financial life and emotional well-being. The anticipation of the 13th salary and the increase in the benefit represent a positive turn for next year, providing financial stability and peace of mind for INSS policyholders.

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