Recent graduates earn almost R$8,000 in Portugal; check out the details!

Do all recent graduates in Portugal start their career with a salary of almost R$8,000? Understand the current situation and check whether it is worth moving to the country.

Portugal, known for its rich history, stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, now stands out as a promising destination for young professionals.

For recent graduates who dream of expanding their professional horizons, Portugal appears as a land of opportunities, with salaries of almost R$8,000 for those who are still at the beginning of their careers. More details? Just stay with us!

Everything about the new benefit for recent graduates in Portugal! Credit: Reproduction.

Countless Brazilians want to live in Portugal

The combination of a welcoming environment, ease of communication due to the common language, and an attractive European lifestyle, makes Portugal an ideal place to start a new phase of life.

Furthermore, the country offers a high-quality education system, a growing job market and a gateway to the European Union. Therefore, the fact that many Brazilians want to live in the country is not exactly a surprise.

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Portugal gives financial aid to recent graduates

The Portuguese government, seeking to strengthen its job market, approved new legislation that provides financial assistance for young graduates.

This measure, which covers both Portuguese citizens and immigrants (including Brazilians), offers an annual benefit that varies between 693 and 1,500 euros (approximately R$7,990).

The initiative is part of the country’s budget for 2024, aiming to boost the country’s job market and attract talent to the productive force.

How does the Aid work?

The new program, estimated at 215 million euros, requires interested parties to request payment via an electronic form after receiving their university diploma.

The value of the benefit is proportional to the course period, that is, three-year courses will generate three years of payments. Payments will be made via bank transfer (IBAN).

Aid criteria for recent graduates in Portugal

To qualify for aid, recent graduates must meet certain criteria. The requirements apply to both Portuguese and foreigners:

Reside in Portugal for more than six months. Have a work record. Be under 35 years of age in the year in which the aid was received. Have recent higher education training, with a diploma recognized in Portugal (undergraduate, master’s or doctorate).

Interestingly, graduates in other countries can receive the benefit, as long as their diplomas are recognized in Portugal. In addition, it is necessary to be up to date with taxes and that the graduation time does not exceed the duration of the course.

What does this mean for Brazilians?

For recently graduated Brazilians, this new legislation opens the door to an enriching international experience.

With the possibility of working and living in a European country while receiving significant financial assistance, this could be the chance to take a big leap in your career and personal life.

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Preparing for the future

With this new opportunity in Portugal, the dream of an international career is more accessible than ever for recent graduates.

In addition to the financial benefit, living in Portugal offers the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture and expand professional and personal horizons. It is a unique opportunity to grow, learn and establish a solid career on the international stage.

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