real danger or just a technological myth?

Do you usually leave your cell phone on the bed, charging, while you sleep? Find out if this practice is really more dangerous or if it is a myth!

When it comes to using smartphones, many myths and concerns arise, especially regarding the habit of leaving your cell phone charging overnight. Many claim this can cause explosions, damage the battery or affect health due to radiation. But are these concerns really founded or just urban legends?

Have you ever heard that leaving your cell phone charging on the bed can make it explode? Find out if it’s true or not! / Photo: reproduction

You may have already heard about the possible dangers of sleeping with your device charging, right? But is this really a myth or a valid concern? Understand below!

Myth 1: the device can explode while charging

True, although it is rare, cell phones exploding during charging can happen, especially when using low-quality or counterfeit chargers. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in original chargers and avoid suspicious models.

Myth 2: Charging your cell phone overnight harms the battery

True, but this myth has foundations. Constantly charging your cell phone to 100% overnight can cause premature battery wear. The ideal is to keep the charge level between 20% and 80% to extend the battery life.

Myth 3: device radiation affects health

Myth. Scientific studies have not found conclusive evidence that cell phone radiation causes harm to health during nighttime charging. However, it is recommended to keep your cell phone away from your body at night.

Myth 4: Charging your cell phone at night can cause fires

True, even though they are rare, fires caused by cell phone charging problems have been reported. Again, using reliable chargers and paying attention to the condition of the device are essential to avoid this type of incident.

Tips for using your device safely at night

Use an original charger: always choose chargers certified by the cell phone manufacturer to reduce the risk of problems during charging; Avoid overheating: make sure the cell phone is on a flat, well-ventilated surface during charging; Do not use the device in bed: in addition to electrical risks, using your cell phone before bed can affect your sleep quality due to the blue light emitted by the screen; Keep the charge level between 20% and 80%: This will help extend the battery life of your cell phone. your cell phone; Turn off notifications at night: to avoid interruptions in your sleep, set "Do Not Disturb" mode or turn off unnecessary notifications; Consider a traditional alarm clock: if possible, avoid using your cell phone as an alarm clock, so you don’t need to keep charging it during the night.

In short, sleeping with your cell phone charging is not necessarily dangerous, as long as adequate precautions are taken. The key is to use original chargers, avoid overheating and keep the battery at healthy levels. Therefore, you can relax and continue using your device without fear as long as you follow the safety guidelines mentioned here. Always remember: precaution is the best ally when it comes to technology and security.

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