readjustment, R$1,400 available and more

We show you everything you need to know about the news that the Government has already confirmed for INSS! See who can receive a monthly payment of more than R$1,400!

For many Brazilians, this Tuesday (23) is full of emotion! The National Social Security Institute (INSS) brings news that is leaving retirees in real anticipation.

There is an expected adjustment, more than R$1,400 available, as well as important dates to mark on the calendar. Check out all these updates and keep an eye out so you don’t miss anything!

Big news at INSS in January! Credit: plasticaxe.

INSS and its benefits

First of all, do you know what INSS does? This is the body that guarantees essential support for many Brazilians, especially retirees and formal workers.

Among the best-known benefits are pensions, sickness benefits, death pensions and maternity pay.

This financial support is fundamental in the lives of millions of people, offering the security they so much need at crucial moments.

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Big news at INSS this Tuesday!

Tuesday (23) arrives bringing an air of victory for INSS retirees. The reason for so much happiness? January’s payment comes with a fresh adjustment!

Based on the new minimum wage value, now set at R$1,412, this adjustment is a welcome relief to the budgets of many.

Understand the INSS adjustment

The adjustment, which is based on the minimum wage, is heart-warming news. For those who receive the floor, the news is even more significant.

This is because the new value of R$1,412 comes into play, increasing the amount that falls into the accounts of all beneficiaries, whether they are retirees, pensioners or those insured with assistance aid.

How does payment release work?

The release of amounts by INSS is a well-organized process. Insured people are divided into two groups: those who earn up to the minimum wage and those who earn above this amount.

Thus, payment is made in a staggered manner, ensuring order and efficiency. The calendars, it is worth remembering, are always published by the Government.

How can I check INSS news?

Here comes a crucial detail: the final INSS benefit number. Each end of the benefit cards corresponds to a specific payment date.

The sequence starts with number 1 and follows the next numbers, covering all business days until everyone receives it.

INSS Calendar – January 2024

For those who earn up to the minimum wage and whose benefit number ends in 1, January 25th will be special. This is the date set for payment release, following the INSS calendar. Imagine the joy and relief when you see this amount coming into your account!

Now, for those who have other final numbers, the wait will be a little longer, but equally rewarding. In the next business days, everyone will be covered, following INSS planning for 2024.

See below the dates for those who receive up to 1 minimum wage:

Final 1: payment on January 25th Final 2: payment on January 26th Final 3: payment on January 29th Final 4: payment on January 30th Final 5: payment on January 31st Final 6: payment on February 1st Final 7: payment on February 2nd Final 8: payment on February 5thFinal 9: payment on February 6thFinal 0: payment on February 7th

Finally, see the calendar for beneficiaries who receive larger amounts:

Finals 1 and 6: payment on February 1st Finals 2 and 7: payment on February 2nd Finals 3 and 8: payment on February 5th Finals 4 and 9: payment on February 6th Finals 5 and 0: payment on February 7th

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News about INSS is crucial for Brazilians

The INSS, with these new features, brings a breath of hope and financial relief to many Brazilians. It is essential to pay attention to the calendar and understand how changes directly impact each person’s life.

So, mark your calendar, pay attention to the dates and get ready to receive what is rightfully yours. After all, every detail counts in building a safer and happier life!

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