Public Competition with 1.2 THOUSAND places at all levels of education; enjoy!

Unmissable opportunity: Public Competition offers 1,200 places for all levels of education. Prepare for the steps and transform your career now!

If you are looking for a significant change in your professional career, pay attention! A new public competition has just opened, offering an incredible 1,200 vacancies.

And the best part: there are opportunities for all levels of education. This could be your chance to achieve financial and professional stability!

Prepared? So, read on with and discover the main details about this event.

Competition in Vicentinópolis opens 1,200 vacancies, covering all levels of education. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

1,200 vacancies in Public Competition: find out more about

Vicentinópolis City Hall, Goiás, has its doors open for you! With a variety of positions, the competition caters to those with primary education to those who have already completed higher education. Check vacancies, according to education:

Vacancy table – Fundamental Level

Cargo Number of vacancies
Plumber 1
Electrician 1
Mason 2
General services assistant – I 50
Rubber 1
Cemetery caretaker 2
General services assistant – III 50

Vacancy table – Intermediate and Technical Level

Cargo Number of vacancies
Warehouse 2
Dental assistant 1
Administrative executor – I 5
Administrative executor – III 1
Mechanic 2
Lunch box 5
Heavy vehicle driver 15
Agricultural machinery operator 2
Heavy machinery operator 5
Receptionist 4
Occupational safety technician 1
Nursing technician 8
x-ray technician 8
Vigilante 5

Vacancy table – Higher Level

Cargo Number of vacancies
Social worker 2
Administration assistant 3
Biomedic 1
PSF dental surgeon 2
Elderly caregiver 3
Physical educator – Cras 2
Standard nurse – ESF 1
Standard Nurse – Hospital 1
automobile electrician 1
Environmental engineer 1
Pharmaceutical 1
Physiotherapist 2
Speech therapist 1
Tax assessor 1
Construction inspector and Posture 1
tax prosecutor 1
Health Surveillance Inspector 1
environmental inspector 1
Geologist 1
Master of works 1
creche monitor 4
General practitioner 1
gynecologist doctor 1
Pediatrician 1
Doctor – ESF 4
Nutritionist 2
Social advisor 2
Painter 1
Professor II 10
PII Teacher – English 1
Psychologist 2
Educational support professional sup. 4
Chemical 1
Nursing technician (repeated) 8
X-ray technician (repeated) 8
Occupational therapist 1
Social visitor 2

Vicentinópolis City Hall Public Tender: about the tests

The selection process for this public competition is an exciting journey. Namely, all candidates will undergo an Objective Multiple Choice Test. Reaching 60% of the highest grade is the objective.

But does not stop there! If you have higher education, also prepare for the Discursive and Titles Test. And for future Craftsmen, there is a challenging Practical Test.

How to prepare for the Vicentinópolis Public Competition?

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that organization is key to success in this competition. So, first, study the notice! It has all the details you need to know.

Then create a balanced study schedule. Remember: a balance between studying, reviewing and resting is essential. Other tips are:

1. Study materials and strategies

Choose your study materials carefully. Books, handouts, and online courses can be your great allies. Practicing with questions from previous competitions and doing mock tests will help you get used to the style of the tests.

Furthermore, if your position requires practical testing, practice! And for the discursive test, there is nothing better than writing texts and asking for feedback.

2. Mental and physical health: your big difference

Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Staying up to date on contest topics is important, but your mental and physical health are paramount. Take time to relax and recharge.

Ultimately, participating in this public competition is more than a job opportunity. It’s a step towards realizing your professional dreams.

Therefore, imagine yourself achieving that desired position, achieving stability and career growth. Now it’s up to you! Dedication and focus can take you to incredible places.

Prepare, study, take care of yourself and… good luck!

More about public competitions: List reveals the number of vacancies offered by city in the Unified National Competition: check it out!

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