President Lula CONFIRMS incredible news and thousands will benefit

President Lula, check out ANOTHER victory for the Brazilian people! The incredible news is already generating great repercussions on social media, check out the details.

Brazil is experiencing a moment of optimism and hope. With President Lula’s new administration, the country is witnessing a series of positive changes that promise to significantly impact the lives of thousands of Brazilians.

In a recent statement, the president confirmed incredible news, generating an atmosphere of celebration across the country. So, how can the president’s message impact the lives of Brazilians? To know the truth, read the article below!

President Lula confirms incredible news! Credit: Reproduction/Agência Brasil

The impact of the Government on the lives of the people

First of all, it is important to understand how government benefits, such as tax exemptions and social programs, play a crucial role in improving citizens’ quality of life.

They offer support in essential areas such as health, education and housing, contributing to reducing social inequality and strengthening the economy.

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Increasing the IR exemption range is incredible news!

In 2023, the federal government had increased the IRPF exemption range from R$1,903.98 to R$2,112.00. As a result, the automatic deduction of R$528.00 from the salary increased the exemption to R$2,640.00.

However, with the adjustment of the minimum wage to R$1,412.00 in 2024, the Lula government announced an adjustment to the exemption table, increasing it to R$2,824.00 – to the delight of Brazilians.

Exemption is guaranteed for workers

An initial concern was whether workers who earn up to two minimum wages would pay income tax again.

However, President Lula assured that changes would be implemented to ensure that those who earn up to two minimums (now R$2,824.00 in 2024) are not taxed.

Updates to the IR exemption table

The federal government announced the changes to the exemption rates with updated values ​​from May 2023 onwards.

The new exemption table is part of the government’s plan to adjust the tax burden according to the financial capacity of citizens, benefiting not only those exempt, but all taxpayers, due to the progressive nature of IR.

The impact of incredible news on IR

President Lula’s measure is closely related to tax reform, focusing on income and the need to tax dividends and alleviate the tax burden for those who earn lower amounts.

The government’s strategy includes reviewing the IR exemption range in 2024, considering the increase in the minimum wage. The objective is to expand the benefit, providing tax relief for a greater number of Brazilians.

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How long can I declare IR?

The confirmation of this news by President Lula is a reason for celebration throughout Brazil. This historic measure puts Brazil on the path to becoming a country with more tax justice.

According to official confirmations from the IRS, it is possible to submit the Income Tax declaration until May 31st. If you are not entitled to an exemption, hurry up and get yours! More details in the video below:

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