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Did you know that your CPF may have some restrictions without you being aware of it? Find out how to find out when you consult your document!

Did you know that your CPF is the key to many doors in Brazil? With the new National Identity Card (CIN), the CPF will become the only identification number in the country. If you want to ensure that everything is in order with your CPF, a quick check on the Federal Revenue website can give you peace of mind.

But do you know how to do this? In this article, I will guide you step by step through this process, showing you how simple and quick it is to check the registration status of your CPF. Let’s go!

Your CPF may have restrictions and you don’t even know it! See how to check the status of your document online / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Find out now how to check the status of your CPF at the IRS!

To check the registration status of your CPF, simply access the Federal Revenue website (You only need to enter your CPF number and your date of birth. After confirming that you are not a robot, you will have immediate access to the registration status of your CPF. This can be especially useful to check if there are pending issues or irregularities.

Understanding CPF classifications

The CPF registration status can be classified in three ways:

Regular: means that everything is up to date, including the submission of the income tax declaration, if applicable; Pending regularization: Indicates that some income tax declaration is missing. In this case, you must access the eCAC portal to check and send the necessary document; Suspended: if the CPF is suspended, it is necessary to request regularization and schedule the delivery of pending documents to the Federal Revenue Service.

What to do in cases of irregularity?

Suggestions for you

INSS: announcement from the Institute is for all insured people, registered under numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0

13 jan, 2024

If you discover that your CPF is in an irregular situation, don’t worry! Most problems can be resolved online, through the Federal Revenue website or through the ‘My Income Tax’ application. In more complex cases, such as improper inclusion in the "Deceased Holder" or "Cancelled" status, it will be necessary to schedule an appointment with the IRS to correct the error.

Impacts of an irregular CPF on the lives of Brazilians: understand the consequences!

Having an irregular CPF can bring a series of complications to the lives of Brazilians. The Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) is a fundamental document in Brazil, being used in a wide range of essential activities and services.

An irregular CPF registration situation can result in various restrictions and problems, which affect everything from banking activities to issues linked to citizenship and social rights. Here are some of the main consequences:

Banking and financial restrictions: with an irregular CPF, you may face difficulties opening or maintaining bank accounts, applying for credit, making investments or even operating your checking account. Banks and financial institutions frequently consult the CPF registration status before approving financial transactions; Impediment of making purchases: installment purchases, obtaining credit cards and financing of goods, such as cars and houses, may be blocked or refused if your CPF is irregular; Problems with the Federal Revenue: an irregular document may indicate pending issues with the Federal Revenue, such as non-delivery of income tax returns. This can result in fines and interest, in addition to preventing the issuance of negative certificates, essential for various purposes; Difficulties in competitions and jobs: many public competitions and employers require the candidate’s CPF to be in good standing. An irregular situation may be an impediment to hiring or appointment; Limited access to social benefits: social benefit programs, such as Bolsa Família or Auxílio Emergencial, require the beneficiary to have a regular CPF. Irregularities may lead to the blocking or cancellation of these benefits. Issuance of documents: irregularities in the document may prevent the issuance of other important documents, such as the identity card (RG) and the national driver’s license (CNH).

Keeping your CPF regular is essential to avoid these and other problems. The good news is that, in most cases, regularization can be done simply and quickly, directly on the Federal Revenue website or at in-person service units.

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