Portugal guarantees approximately R$8 thousand

Can Brazilians also receive the prize for young people with Higher Education? Check out all the details about this surprising social program from the Portuguese government.

In a strategic and innovative move, Portugal is offering a generous salary premium for young people recently graduated from Higher Education. The incentive can even reach a value of up to 1,500 euros, equivalent to almost R$8,000.

In this sense, the question arises: is the program open to both Portuguese citizens and foreigners who meet the established requirements? To check the answer, just keep reading.

See who can guarantee the salary premium for young people in Portugal! Credit: Reproduction.

Many Brazilians want to move to Portugal

Many Brazilians have chosen Portugal as a destination to live for a variety of reasons that combine cultural, economic and quality of life aspects.

The common language is one of the great attractions, facilitating adaptation and communication, in addition to the cultural similarities due to the shared history between the two countries.

Portugal offers a high quality of life, including public safety, an accessible and quality healthcare system, and a generally calmer and less stressful environment than in large Brazilian cities.

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Why does Portugal give prizes to young graduates?

Portugal, known for its rich cultural history and consistent focus on education, seeks through this financial incentive to strengthen its qualified workforce.

The country understands that retaining talented young people is crucial for its economic growth and development, and therefore offers a premium for recent Higher Education graduates.

This salary award, in addition to just valuing academic completion, also reflects strategic planning to keep young professionals within Portuguese borders.

Who is entitled to the prize?

To qualify for this award, young people must meet certain criteria duly established by the government of Portugal.

You must be up to 35 years of age and have completed a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or doctorate from recognized educational institutions, whether Portuguese or international, as long as the diplomas are valid in Portugal.

In addition, candidates must have a work record in the country, reside in Portugal permanently and be up to date with their tax obligations.

What is the prize value? How long does it last?

The amount received varies according to the individual’s level of education. Graduates can receive 697 euros for each year of their degree, while masters are entitled to 1,500 euros for each year of their master’s degree.

The values ​​are a clear demonstration of how Portugal values ​​education and the permanence of qualified professionals in its territory.

How do I sign up to guarantee the benefit?

The General Inspectorate of Finance and the General Inspectorate of Education and Science are responsible for monitoring the program, ensuring transparency and integrity in the process.

Those interested in benefiting from this award must register using an electronic form, made available after obtaining the academic degree. More information is available at: https://www.portugal.gov.pt/pt/gc23.

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Award for young graduates is an important initiative

This ‘salary premium’ program in Portugal is a shining example of how governments can encourage talent retention and support a nation’s economic and cultural development.

This is a strategic move that other nations can observe and learn from as they search for solutions to retain and nurture young talent within their own borders.

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