Portugal can pay a benefit of approximately R$7,900 to recently graduated Brazilians; know more!

Is it true that Portugal is about to pay a benefit of almost R$8,000 to Brazilians who have just graduated? Find out everything about this story!

Portugal offers an unprecedented opportunity for young Brazilian professionals who dream of expanding their borders. The Portuguese government announced a new benefit for recent graduates that promises to shake up the job market and open new doors.

This financial incentive not only highlights Portugal as an attractive destination for international talent, but also reinforces the cultural and academic ties between Portugal and Brazil. See below who is entitled to it!

Portugal can pay benefits of approximately R$7,900 to recently graduated Brazilians; know more! Credit: Reproduction

Discover the benefits that Portugal offers to Brazilians

According to the new legislative measures, recent graduates, including masters, who completed their courses from 2023 onwards, will be able to receive an annual award of 697 euros (R$ 3.7 thousand) per year of graduation, in addition to 1,500 ( R$ 7.9 thousand) euros for each year of the master’s degree.

This initiative aims not only to reward academic effort, but also to support the transition to the job market, providing a significant financial incentive.

Which Brazilians can receive the benefit in Portugal?

The benefit is open to all taxpayers residing in Portugal, whether Portuguese or foreign, including Brazilians, up to 35 years of age.

To be eligible, you must have obtained a bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree and/or master’s degree from national higher education institutions, whether public or private, in 2023 and beyond.

Furthermore, academic degrees obtained in other countries are also valid, as long as they are recognized in Portugal. Interested parties must have their tax and contribution status regularized with the Portuguese tax authorities and social security.

An investment in the future of youth

Portugal’s initiative to offer a financial benefit to recent graduates reflects a progressive vision and an encouraging approach to attracting young talent. This pioneering measure represents a golden opportunity for Brazilians looking to expand their professional and personal experiences.

By embracing this opportunity, recent graduates can immerse themselves in a new culture, expand their professional networks and explore Portugal’s rich academic traditions.

The program not only strengthens educational and cultural ties between Brazil and Portugal, but also opens up a range of possibilities for young professionals to explore new horizons in a welcoming European country full of history.

Accessible and transparent benefit in Portuguese lands

To receive the amounts, the Portuguese government advises that interested parties make the application using an electronic form after training. This approach ensures that the process is accessible and transparent, allowing young professionals to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Portugal, with this measure, opens its doors to a new generation of professionals, offering them not only a financial incentive, but also the chance to start their careers in a dynamic and multicultural European environment.

For recent Brazilian graduates, this could be the chance of a lifetime, combining the continuity of cultural ties with opportunities for professional and personal growth. Check out more details at

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