PIX of R$900.00 through Caixa Tem was confirmed; check the details to withdraw

Find out how the R$900.00 PIX at Caixa Tem is transforming the Bolsa Família scenario. Discover the details of the extra benefit.

The Caixa Tem application, provided by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), recently announced a measure that promises to bring significant financial relief to its users, especially those who are part of the Bolsa Família program.

This is the release of a PIX worth R$900.00, news that has a direct impact on the lives of Brazilian families who depend on these resources.

PIX of R$900.00: What you need to know about this financial relief for Bolsa Família beneficiaries. Check it out now! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

PIX Caixa Tem as support for Brazilian Families

At a time marked by economic challenges and uncertainties, Caixa Tem’s initiative to make the PIX of R$900.00 available is more than a simple financial update.

In short, this measure represents a ray of hope for many, as Bolsa Família, reformulated in March 2023, now offers a wider range of benefits, adapted to the specific needs of each family.

Additional benefits in the new Bolsa Família

First of all, to understand the relevance of this increase in benefit, it is worth highlighting that families with two children up to seven years old are receiving an additional R$150.00, bringing the total value of the benefit to R$900.00 .

Namely, the Bolsa Família payment schedule for the month of January follows the numbering of the holder’s Social Identification Number (NIS), ensuring that the aid is delivered efficiently.

PIX Caixa Tem calendar for January

NIS final 1: January 18;NIS final 2: January 19;NIS final 3: January 22;NIS final 4: January 23;NIS final 5: January 24;NIS final 6: January 25;NIS final 7: January 26th; NIS end 8: January 29th; NIS end 9: January 30th; NIS end 0: January 31st.

This calendar allows families benefiting from the Bolsa Família program to plan to receive their aid according to the date established for the last digit of the holder’s NIS.

In addition to providing essential financial support, the PIX of R$900.00 offered by Caixa Tem is a significant step in the right direction. It reflects the government’s commitment to supporting those who need it most, especially in a challenging economic scenario.

Bolsa Família rules and commitments

Finally, to be eligible for Bolsa Família, families must fulfill commitments in the areas of health and education, including prenatal care, vaccination schedule, nutritional monitoring of children, minimum school attendance and regular updating of the Single Registry.

The PIX of R$900.00 granted by Caixa Tem not only represents valuable financial support, but also symbolizes the government’s desire to guarantee the well-being of families who depend on this aid, thus promoting a fairer and more inclusive society . This initiative is an example of how social policies can make a difference in people’s lives in times of need.

This announcement is welcome news for Bolsa Família beneficiaries. After all, they can now count on this additional assistance to face the economic challenges that arise. The measure not only offers immediate financial relief, but also sends a message of hope and solidarity.

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