PIX of R$ 1,050.00 through Caixa Do you still have it TODAY (01/31)? Find out who gets it!

Pix worth more than a thousand reais will be deposited at Caixa Tem today! Check if you are among the millions of beneficiaries of the new payment.

Currently, the cost of living is constantly increasing, and in this scenario, news came as a welcome to many Brazilian families. From today, January 31, 2024, many people will be able to receive a PIX of R$1,050.00, in addition to a bonus of R$200.00 through Caixa Tem.

The announcement represents important assistance for families in vulnerable situations, contributing significantly to their subsistence and well-being. To find out if you are entitled to payment, read our article below!

New Pix drops at Caixa Tem today! Credit: plasticaxe.

How to download Caixa Tem

For Brazilians who want to receive payment via PIX at Caixa Tem today, it is essential to have the application installed on their mobile devices.

The Caixa Tem app is available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store app stores. In other words: it works on both Android and iOS.

After downloading and installing the app, users need to complete a simple registration, following the instructions provided by the app to access the available services and benefits. Check out more details at: https://www.caixa.gov.br/caixatem/Paginas/default.aspx.

More about Caixa Tem at: CAIXA and immediate savings withdrawals: list of those called up came out TODAY (30/01)

THIS is the PIX that drops today at Caixa Tem

The Pix worth more than R$1,000 that will be deposited in Caixa Tem is Bolsa Família in January. Today, the final benefit deposit takes place.

Bolsa Família is a Brazilian government social program that aims to combat poverty and promote social inclusion.

Aimed at families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty, with a monthly income of up to R$218 per person, the program ensures access to basic rights such as food, education and health.

Who can receive Pix worth more than R$1,000 at Caixa Tem?

In 2024, the program brought the new PIX of R$ 1,050.00, aimed at families that meet the conditions of the First Childhood Benefit (BPI) and the Family Variable Benefit (BVF).

Just think: as the minimum value of the benefit is R$600, and as BPI and BVF offer, respectively, R$150 and R$50 to beneficiary families, a family unit that receives more than one of the benefits would have access Pix is ​​much more expressive (R$600 + R$150 + R$150 + R$50 + R$50 + R$50 = R$1,050).

In this case, to receive the amount mentioned, the family would have to have 2 children up to 7 years old, a pregnant woman, and two more babies.

R$ 200 more on Pix do Caixa Tem

In addition to the Bolsa Família PIX, the Basic Basket program promotes an additional transfer of R$200.00 to a selected group of beneficiaries of the social program.

The initiative aims to provide additional support for families who are facing financial difficulties, ensuring food for their members.

Who is entitled to Bolsa Família?

To be eligible for Bolsa Família, families must meet certain income criteria, in addition to responsibilities in the areas of health and education.

Families with a per capita monthly income of up to R$218 can register with the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs and are assessed to receive the benefit.

Bolsa Família payment calendar – January 2024

Payment of Bolsa Família in January followed a calendar based on the last digit of each beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS). Starting on the 18th, for beneficiaries with NIS ending in 1, payments end today, the 31st, for those whose NIS ends in 0.

In more practical terms, the Bolsa Família payment for January 2024 is over! The last installment is deposited today, and in this scenario, the next deposits only take place in February, between the 16th and 29th.

More about Bolsa Família at: Bolsa Família + BPC: withdrawal of R$2,174.00 approved? Understand!

The importance of Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família is a fundamental program to promote the inclusion and well-being of families in vulnerable situations.

With the PIX of R$ 1,050.00 and the extra transfer from the Basic Basket, the program seeks to alleviate the difficulties caused by the economic crisis, contributing significantly to the reduction of social inequality and the fight against poverty in Brazil.

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