PIX from Bolsa Família begins to be distributed TODAY; check out the full calendar!

Great news for beneficiaries of the social program! Pix from Bolsa Família should still be added to policyholders' accounts today; see all dates.

Imagine receiving a benefit that can make a difference in your daily life, bringing more security and financial peace of mind. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

This is what is happening today for millions of Brazilians with the start of the distribution of PIX from Bolsa Família. A novelty that represents not just financial assistance, but a real change in the lives of many families. See the calendar below!

PIX from Bolsa Família begins to be distributed TODAY; check out the full calendar! Credit: plasticaxe.

How many people receive Bolsa Família?

Bolsa Família, one of the most significant income transfer programs in Brazil, now reaches more than 22 million families.

This program has been a pillar in combating poverty and promoting social inclusion, supporting families in vulnerable situations across the country.

Bolsa Família starts paying Pix

Caixa Econômica Federal begins today, January 18, 2024, Bolsa Família payments for this year.

The first beneficiaries will be those with a Social Identification Number (NIS) ending in 1. Payment will be made in the last 10 working days of each month, following a specific calendar.

What is the value of the benefit?

The program provides for a minimum payment of R$600 per family, with an additional R$150 per child up to 6 years old, R$50 for pregnant women, children and adolescents aged 7 to 17, and R$50 for children up to six years old. months. These values ​​represent significant support for eligible families.

Bolsa Família Pix Calendar – January 2024

For the month of January 2024, payments will be made following the order of the end of the NIS, starting with NIS 1 on 1/18, until NIS 0 on 1/31.

This staggered calendar allows for an organized distribution of payments, avoiding crowds and ensuring that all beneficiaries receive aid on time. Check out all the dates below:

Final NIS: 1 – payment on 18/1Final NIS: 2 – payment on 19/1Final NIS: 3 – payment on 22/1Final NIS: 4 – payment on 23/1Final NIS: 5 – payment on 24/ 1Final of NIS: 6 – payment on 25/1Final of NIS: 7 – payment on 26/1Final of NIS: 8 – payment on 29/1Final of NIS: 9 – payment on 30/1Final of NIS: 0 – payment on 31/ 1

Program Eligibility and Enrollment

To receive Bolsa Família, you must have a monthly family income of up to R$218 per person. Beneficiaries must also comply with compensation, such as keeping children in school and monitoring pregnant women and vaccinations.

Registration is done through the Single Registry (CadÚnico), with entry into government social programs assessed individually.

How to withdraw Pix from Bolsa Família?

Amounts can be transferred via the Caixa Tem app and internet banking, facilitating access without needing to go to a branch.

In addition, the program card allows debit purchases, withdrawals at self-service terminals, lottery outlets, Caixa Aqui correspondents, and Caixa branches.

Withdraw as soon as possible!

The start of distribution of PIX from Bolsa Família marks an important moment for millions of Brazilians. This program is more than financial aid; It is a means of guaranteeing dignity and better living conditions for families who need it most.

With the payment schedule in hand and the ease of withdrawing amounts, Bolsa Família continues to be an essential instrument for social inclusion and combating poverty in Brazil.

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