PIX between R$600.00 and R$900.00 this week? Check out the Bolsa Família table!

Bolsa Família beneficiaries will have the chance to receive payments this month that may exceed the base amounts normally paid. See how!

January brings exciting news for Bolsa Família beneficiaries! With the start of payments this month, registered families can expect to receive amounts that vary according to family composition and additional benefits, reaching up to R$900.

Understanding how this distribution works is essential to ensure that you and your family make the most of the benefits offered by the program.

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What will the Bolsa Família payment be in 2024?

Initially, the regular installment of Bolsa Família guarantees a minimum transfer of R$600.00 to insured families. However, this amount increases with the number of family members, as each additional person contributes R$142.00. For example, a family of four will receive R$600.00, while a family of five will receive R$710.00, and so on.

How do I receive program extras?

In addition to the regular installment, Bolsa Família offers additional benefits that can significantly increase the amount received:

First Childhood Benefit (BPI): R$ 150.00 for families with children aged 0 to 6; Family Variable Benefit (BVF): R$ 50.00 for families with children and adolescents aged 7 to 18 and pregnant women; Variable Benefit Family Nurse (BVN): R$ 50.00 for families with women breastfeeding children up to 6 months; Basic Food Basket Benefit (BCB): R$ 200.00 for families in cities with municipal additional.

In other words, combining the regular installment and additional benefits, a family can receive up to R$900.00. If a family that receives the regular installment starts to receive two more BPIs, or a combination of BPI, BVN and BVFs, it is possible to reach a higher amount, such as R$900.

How can I check the Bolsa Família payment?

To check your benefit, use the official applications or the citizen portal. Check out:

Caixa Tem (Android: or iOS: Família (Android: or iOS: https://bityli.com/DiMLHl).

In addition to these, it is also possible to make telephone inquiries through numbers provided by the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance (MDS) and Caixa, by dialing 121.

When will January's Bolsa Família be paid?

The January Bolsa Família payment follows a staggered calendar based on the last digit of the beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS). The calendar therefore looks like this:

NIS with ending 1: payment occurs on the 18th;NIS with ending 2: payment occurs on the 19thNIS with ending 3: payment occurs on the 22nd;NIS with ending 4: payment occurs on the 23rd;NIS with ending 5: payment occurs on the 24th;NIS with ending 6: payment occurs on the 25th;NIS with ending 7: payment occurs on the 26th;NIS with ending 8: payment occurs on the 29th;NIS with ending 9: payment occurs on the 30th;NIS with ending 0: payment occurs on the 31st.

To find out if you received your payment, just pay attention to the applications. Remembering that, normally, there is also a transfer of the gas voucher.

This January, however, this amount will not be delivered, as the benefit is usually delivered every two months. This means that the next amounts of this aid will only fall into the accounts of those who are entitled to it from February onwards.

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