PIS/Pasep requires SPECIFIC documentation to release withdrawals to workers; check out!

Find out everything about PIS/PASEP: payment dates, requirements and necessary documentation to guarantee your benefit in 2024.

The release of PIS/PASEP withdrawals is news eagerly awaited by formal workers in Brazil.

Knowing this, let’s dive deeper into this relevant topic, providing essential information about payment dates and necessary requirements.

In addition, we will also talk about the specific documentation that beneficiaries need to have on hand to guarantee access to these important financial resources. To find out, read on.

Discover how to access PIS/PASEP in 2024: official calendar and essential documents for Brazilian workers. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

What is PIS/PASEP?

In summary, PIS (Social Integration Program) and PASEP (Public Servant Asset Formation Program) are social programs that aim to provide extra income to Brazilian workers.

While PIS benefits private sector workers who work under the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) regime, PASEP is aimed at public servants.

Both programs have as a prerequisite that the worker has carried out formally remunerated activity for at least five years and received up to two minimum wages per month. For the benefit to be granted, it is crucial that the beneficiary presents the required documentation.

Official PIS/PASEP calendar for 2024

The two banks responsible for payments, Caixa EconĂ´mica Federal (PIS) and Banco do Brasil (PASEP), have already released the official deposit calendar for the year 2024.

Namely, these dates are essential for workers to organize themselves and know when they will be able to access the amounts owed.

In principle, deposits will follow the order of the beneficiary’s month of birth, as follows:

Born in January: from February 15th Born in February: from March 15th Born in March: from April 15th Born in April: from April 15th Born in May: from May 15th Born in June: a from May 15th Born in July: from June 17th Born in August: from June 17th Born in September: from July 15th Born in October: from July 15th Born in November: from August 15th Born in December: from August 15th

What documentation is required to withdraw PIS/PASEP?

In addition to meeting formal working time and remuneration requirements, PIS/PASEP beneficiaries must present specific documentation at the time of withdrawal.

In summary, this documentation includes:

Work and Social Security Card (CTPS) with employment record. Official identification document with photo, such as ID or CNH. PIS or PASEP number, which can be obtained from the employer or from the work card itself.

Therefore, it is extremely important that beneficiaries are prepared and have these documents on hand at the time of withdrawal.

Meeting deadlines and submitting the correct documentation will ensure these valuable resources are accessed efficiently.

Therefore, pay attention to the information presented here and the payment schedule to ensure that you are ready to receive your PIS/PASEP and take advantage of the benefits that these programs provide to Brazilian workers.

Specific documentation is a key element in ensuring that you receive what is rightfully yours.

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