PicPay black and platinum cards with ZERO annual fee: find out more!

If you are looking for benefits, PicPay cards may be the best options! Check out the details about the Black and Platinum modalities, with no annual fee.

Present in an increasingly competitive and innovative financial market, PicPay comes up with a tempting proposal: Black and Platinum cards with no annual fee!

That’s right, fintech, already known for revolutionizing payment methods and financial transactions, is now entering the high-income credit card segment, offering exclusive benefits without charging an annual fee for new customers and those who wish to migrate to these categories.

So, what are the main benefits that PicPay cards offer to customers? Let’s dive head first into this universe and understand what advantages this new feature brings to consumers.

PicPay black and platinum cards with ZERO annual fee: find out more! Credit: Reproduction.

Discover PicPay services

Before we talk about the cards, it is important to understand the range of services that PicPay offers to its customers. Fintech is not just a payments app, but a complete platform that offers:

Digital transfers and payments: Ease and speed in financial transactions.Investments: An investment unit with options in funds, own CDBs, and other products.Credit Cards: Various types, including the new Black and Platinum cards.Cashback: Cash offers back in various operations.Banking services: Digital account with various functionalities.

All these services place PicPay in a prominent position in the Brazilian digital financial scenario. Now, check out more details about the Black and Platinum cards.

PicPay eliminates annual fees for Black and Platinum Cards

PicPay announced that it will reset the annual fee for Black and Platinum cards for customers who purchase the product or exchange their current cards for these categories by March 31st.

This exemption will be valid for 12 months and can be maintained after certain monthly spending levels. We’ll talk more about the rules below.

How to guarantee zero annual fees on PicPay cards?

To maintain the annual fee exemption after the promotional period, the customer must reach a minimum monthly spend of R$3,000 on the Platinum card or R$8,000 on the Black card.

Another condition is to have investments greater than R$20,000 (Platinum) or R$50,000 (Black) in PicPay, in addition to receiving a salary through the application.

The benefits of Black and Platinum

PicPay’s two "premium" cards, called Platinum and Black, which carry the Mastercard brand, offer benefits such as:

Access to VIP lounges at airports. Travel medical insurance. Experiences on the Priceless platform. Cashback of 1.2% on Black and 0.5% on Platinum.

The company’s strategy

The launch of these new card types is part of PicPay’s strategy to attract high-income customers and better serve users who are already at the fintech base, but belong to this market segment.

In addition to the Black and Platinum cards, PicPay also offers a Gold card with no annual fee and a card with a limit guaranteed by deposits, which can be issued even by negative customers.

This move by PicPay to offer Black and Platinum cards with no annual fee is a milestone in the digital financial market, showing that fintech is willing to compete on equal terms with large traditional banks.

The annual fee exemption, combined with the exclusive benefits, makes these cards an attractive option for a demanding and sophisticated public. This is certainly news that will shake up the credit card market in Brazil.

Do you want to contact PicPay and request the cards? Just access the company’s official website: www.picpay.com.br.

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