Payment of R$1,300 is arriving at CAIXA, BB and other banks; find out how to guarantee your extra

Did you know that a considerable payment is arriving at banks such as Caixa, BB, Itaú and many others? Check out all the criteria to withdraw more than R$1,300!

Relief in the domestic budget is on the way for millions of Brazilians! The most anticipated bonus of the year is about to be made available by the country’s main banking institutions, including Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil (BB).

In this sense, who can guarantee access to this incredible payment? Let’s find out how you can receive this extra bonus of up to R$1,304, in just two simple steps.

Payment of R$1,300 is arriving at CAIXA, BB and other banks; Find out how to guarantee your extra. Credit: plasticaxe.

The most popular banks in Brazil

When it comes to receiving benefits and salaries, some banks stand out in Brazil due to their wide customer service network and reliable services.

In addition to Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, institutions such as Bradesco, Itaú and Santander are on the list of the most popular and are common channels for paying allowances and other benefits.

Payment of the 13th salary is arriving at banks

The 13th salary is a Christmas bonus that every Brazilian worker with a formal contract, retirees, pensioners and public servants eagerly awaits.

This benefit is paid by the employer in two installments: the first between February 1st and November 30th and the second until December 20th.

Who is entitled to the 13th? How is the value calculated?

Any employee with a formal contract who worked more than 15 days in 2024 has the right to receive the 13th salary. This includes monthly, hourly, rural, urban or domestic workers.

The calculation of the 13th salary is based on the months worked. For each month in which the employee works at least 15 days, he is entitled to 1/12 of the total salary for December.

Therefore, the full amount of the 13th is only paid to those who have worked for at least one year in the same company. Otherwise, the benefit is proportional to the months worked.

Attention! The 13th salary is also deposited for INSS retirees and pensioners, but for this group, it follows a different perspective.

How to receive payment in full at banks?

The value of R$1,300 represents the sum of the two installments of the 13th salary and is slightly lower than the minimum wage (R$1,412) due to a discount on the second installment. To receive the full bonus, you must have worked for 12 months in the same company without more than 15 unjustified absences.

It is important to highlight that, if there was a salary increase during the year, the value of the 13th salary will be equivalent to the last salary received, that is, it will include the increase.

Who doesn’t receive their 13th salary?

The benefit does not extend to informal, self-employed, intermittent and intern workers. Furthermore, employees dismissed for just cause are also not entitled to the bonus.

Paying your 13th salary is a crucial moment for many Brazilians, offering welcome financial relief at the end of the year.

To ensure that you are eligible to receive this important benefit, it is essential to understand the criteria and prepare appropriately.

Pay attention to payment dates and make sure you meet the requirements to guarantee your extra, providing a more peaceful and joyful end of the year.

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