Payment of INSS arrears has started: retirees will receive a jackpot!

Who is entitled to payment of INSS arrears? Criteria are simpler than you might think! See if you can guarantee access to the values.

Retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) have a reason to celebrate: the beginning of payment of the late amounts promised by the body.

The measure is a fundamental action to ensure that citizens who have been waiting for these payments finally receive what is owed to them! But not all beneficiaries of the organization can receive it! All criteria are in the article below.

Who can receive payment of INSS arrears? Credit: plasticaxe.

More about INSS benefits

The INSS, in addition to managing pensions, is responsible for a variety of benefits, including pensions and the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC).

With the new release of late payments, the INSS seeks to ensure that beneficiaries, who were waiting for these resources, can finally have access to them.

What are INS late payments?

The process of releasing INSS arrears appears as a response to the numerous expectations of beneficiaries. This is a payment closely related to Brazilians’ victories against the agency in court.

In more practical terms, INSS arrears are reserved for Brazilians who sued the National Social Security Institute, and won the lawsuits.

The total amount to be paid, which reaches R$16 billion, is an attempt to resolve financial disputes with citizens.

It is important to highlight that these amounts will not be deposited directly into the beneficiaries’ INSS accounts, but will be administered by the Federal Regional Courts (TRF) in each region, which will function as intermediaries.

How will payments be made?

Payments are mainly intended for so-called "small value requests", that is, cases that resulted in victories against the INSS with amounts of up to 60 minimum wages.

The TRFs in each region are responsible for organizing and making payments. They will receive the money from the INSS and then transfer the amounts to citizens’ bank accounts.

Each court operates in a specific state and has its own payment calendar, making it essential that beneficiaries seek information about procedures and payment dates in the TRF corresponding to the region where they live (or where they filed the lawsuit).

Beneficiaries eagerly await deposits

The release of late INSS payments is crucial to guaranteeing the rights of retirees and pensioners.

In addition to the money itself, it represents a recognition by the government of honoring its financial obligations to these citizens.

For many, the release of these arrears means welcome financial relief, allowing many to balance their finances and improve their quality of life.

How to check INSS arrears?

The beginning of payment of INSS arrears marks an important turning point in the management of social security benefits in Brazil.

Therefore, if you sued the INSS and won the case, the money will probably be deposited into your bank account soon.

In this sense, the question arises: how to check late INSS payments? There is no secret: just contact the TRT responsible for your process. Good luck!

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