Old currency appreciates and reaches R$3,000 in 2024; You can have one and not know its value

Did you know that you might be lucky enough to be in possession of a coin with a good market value? Check out the features of this item!

In 2024, ancient coins remain a true treasure hunt for collectors and enthusiasts. Did you know that some of these coins can be worth a small fortune? See one that has really stood out this year!

Do you have this different currency at home? If so, know that you could be close to receiving good money! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

400 réis coin from 1935: a true treasure

Initially, this coin is one of the most sought after by collectors in Brazil. Although it is no longer in circulation, it can be found in the most unexpected places, such as a forgotten room in your home.

One of the curiosities of this coin is the representation of 21 stars, symbolizing the federative units of the time. With a circulation of just 225 thousand copies, its rarity value is extremely high.

Currency Details

The 400 réis coin from 1935, based on information from the Central Bank, has unique characteristics:

Monetary Standard: Réis Standard (1889-1935)Period: Old RepublicMint: Rio de JaneiroDiameter: 30mmWeight: 12gMetal: CupronickelBorder: SmoothObverse: Bust of a woman personifying the Republic, surrounded by a ring of 21 starsReverse: Couplet "Republic of the United States of Brazil", date and face value

How much is this rare coin worth?

Furthermore, according to the most up-to-date numismatic catalogues, the value of the 400 réis coin from 1935 varies depending on its state of conservation:

MBC (Very Well Preserved): R$ 800 Superb: R$ 2,500 Mint Flower: R$ 7,500

In short, a certified coin of this type can be sold for up to R$3,000 in 2024. Certification is given by large certifiers such as the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

Brazilian versions can be little treasures

Brazil has a rich monetary history, with several currencies from the colonial period to the present day.

Each coin tells a part of our history and some, like the 400 réis from 1935, become true treasures for numismatic aficionados.

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Other coins that can be worth a lot of money

There are three more fascinating examples of coins that, due to their rarity, history or unique characteristics, have achieved significant values ​​on the collectors market:

1 real coin from 1999

Initially, this coin stands out for its rarity, as it was issued in a year of monetary changes in Brazil.

Its scarcity on the market increases its value among collectors. Although its face value is only 1 real, depending on its condition, it can reach surprisingly high values ​​at auctions and specialized sales.

25 cent mule

Next, this is a rather peculiar piece. Known as a "mule coin", it presents characteristics of two different coins, usually resulting from an error during the minting process.

For example, it could be a coin that, on one side, has the design of 25 cents and, on the other, a design that does not correspond to that denomination.

Such minting errors are rare, making these coins extremely valuable to collectors.

1 real Olympic boxing coin

Finally, this coin is part of a special series launched to commemorate the Olympic Games.

What makes some of these coins particularly valuable is the low circulation and the demand for collectors to complete their themed collections.

Coins with Olympic themes, such as boxing, can reach high values, especially if they are in excellent condition or are from more limited runs.

These examples show how fascinating and diverse the world of numismatics is, with common coins becoming highly valued items for collectors and enthusiasts.

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