Nubank customers are suffering another blow; see how to escape!

Nubank, like other banks, is always the target of coup attempts. Understand what the new trick is and learn how to escape it!

Are you a Nubank customer or are you thinking about becoming one? So, it is crucial to be aware of the scams that are circulating out there.

Technology has brought us many facilities, but it has also opened doors for scammers, and one of the most targeted companies is Nubank. Understand the new trick!

If you are a Nubank customer, it is good to keep an eye out, as you could be a victim of scams. Understand! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does the new Nubank scam work?

The Nubank scam usually starts with a text message or call, informing about a fictitious purchase made with the company’s card.

The scammers then ask for confirmation of the transaction or ask the victim to contact them using a fake number.

They may use 0800 numbers to appear more believable. Once the victim gets in touch, they are directed to a fake customer service agent, who can steal their personal data.

How to identify these scams

To avoid falling for these scams, never click on links received via SMS. Financial institutions rarely request action through links.

If you have any doubts, always look for Nubank’s official channels. Pay attention to details in messages, such as grammatical errors and phone numbers.

In fact, be immediately suspicious of messages with errors or suspicious domains.

How to protect yourself?

The best defense is to never provide personal information to third parties, whether by message or call.

In other words, do not share passwords, credit card details, or verification codes. Diversify your passwords on different websites and be aware of fake profiles on social networks that try to imitate financial institutions.

How does Nubank protect its users?

Nubank constantly invests in technology and cybersecurity to protect its customers.

They use advanced algorithms to detect suspicious activity and maintain an open channel for customers to report any strange activity.

Therefore, if you feel that you have been the victim of an attempt, the best thing to do is to contact the company via chat in the app itself.

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What are the most common scams on the internet?

Furthermore, knowing how to recognize scams on the web is a good way to protect yourself against them. Check out some of the most common.


It is one of the most common scams, where criminals send emails or messages pretending to be banking institutions, with the aim of stealing personal and financial data.

These messages often contain links that lead to fake pages, identical to those of banks, where they ask you to enter your information.

Fake technical support

Scammers get in touch posing as bank representatives, claiming problems with the user’s account or card.

They request confidential information such as passwords or access codes under the pretext of solving the problem.

Banking Trojan

This type of malware is designed to infect the user’s device and steal banking data.

It is usually installed via a malicious download disguised as a legitimate application or software update.

I was a victim of the Nubank scam, what do I do?

Finally, if you have been a victim, there are some steps you can take:

Tell the financial institution about the scam so they can take steps to protect your account, such as blocking your card or changing your passwords; Also, change any passwords that may have been compromised. It is important to use strong and unique combinations for each service; Pay attention to strange movements in your bank accounts. If you notice any suspicious activity, report it to the bank immediately; Finally, it is important to file a police report, providing all the details of the scam. This can help with investigation and prevention of future scams.

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