New Serasa feature can INCREASE your score and free up more credit limit

Do you need to increase your score and consequently get more credit release? See how to do this with Serasa!

Have you ever imagined a world where your daily effort and professional activities could help open new doors in the world of credit? Well, this scenario is about to become reality thanks to an innovative initiative by Serasa.

Everyone knows that having a high score can influence our entire financial life and, fortunately, the company thought of a way to help in this aspect. Check out!

Did you know that you can increase your Serasa score with the help of the company itself? Find out how to do this! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does the credit score impact consumers' lives?

In short, the credit score is a score that reflects a person’s financial reliability, generally ranging between 0 and 1000.

This score is calculated based on payment history, existing debts, income, among other factors. The higher the score, the greater the perception that the individual is a good payer.

It is used by financial institutions, banks and credit companies to assess the risk of granting loans, financing or releasing credit to consumers, influencing interest rates and payment conditions offered.

Changes to the Serasa score

Initially, Serasa is embarking on a pioneering study that promises to transform the way the market views its financial profile.

Therefore, if you are a self-employed worker, someone who every day seeks to earn a living in his own profession, or a salaried person, who dedicates his hours to a company, something new is coming.

Now, there is the possibility of connecting your work accounts, such as FGTS for those with a formal contract, or platforms such as Uber Driver, 99 Motoristas and iFood for the self-employed, directly to your Serasa Score.

How will connecting accounts work?

In short, this connection of accounts is not just another number in your credit analysis; it is the recognition of your daily journey.

Serasa, with this study, intends to delve deeply into the real impact of this information on your score. This could mean a significant advance in the way financial institutions perceive your profile, making access to credit fairer and more personalized.

Understand the differences

You may be wondering: what is the difference between connecting my bank account and my work account to Serasa Score?

Currently, the banking connection can now boost your score, as it integrates directly with Serasa Score version 3.0.

However, the new feature is the connection of work accounts, which, although it does not yet directly influence the current score, promises to be a game changer in future credit analyses.

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How to access this Serasa benefit?

For those interested in being ahead on this journey, connecting work accounts is now available on the official Serasa website (

Stay up to date with news and future implementations that will be announced directly by the company.

Serasa is your trusted partner!

Furthermore, Serasa Experian, a giant in the financial data analysis segment, is a key player in the Brazilian credit ecosystem.

It offers a wide range of services, from credit analysis to CPF consultations and credit scores.

Its role is critical for financial institutions, businesses and partners who rely on this vital information to make informed credit decisions.

What does the future of credit look like?

Finally, Serasa’s initiative to include work accounts in credit analysis is a step towards a future where each worker has their value recognized fairly by the financial market.

Therefore, whether you are a driver, delivery person or any self-employed professional, or even a salaried worker, this is an opportunity to see your dedication reflected in your credit profile.

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