New phase of Desenrola in March; pay off your debts and CLEAN your name!

Do you want to get rid of debt for good? See how to participate in Desenrola and don’t waste time getting out of default with the new phase!

Desenrola Brasil has a new look. This program is about to enter a new and exciting phase, now aimed especially at companies and Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

In the past, the program was responsible for helping millions of individuals regain their financial health. See how it will work now!

Do you want to participate in Desenrola to get rid of all your debts? Enjoy the new phase of the program! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

After all, what is Desenrola Brasil?

Desenrola Brasil is a government program that offers a platform for debt renegotiation.

Initially focused on individuals, the program allows citizens to renegotiate their debts with more favorable conditions, such as discounts and installments.

This initiative aims to assist in the financial recovery of individuals and stimulate the economy.

What were the first phases of the program?

In the first phases, Desenrola Brasil was aimed at individuals, allowing debt renegotiation in a simplified manner and with advantageous conditions.

This initial phase aimed to help citizens deal with their debts more effectively, reducing defaults and promoting better financial health.

New phase of Desenrola is coming

Check out what will change in the new phase starting in March.

Focus on individual microentrepreneurs

In a strategic move, the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Marcio França, announced that Desenrola Brasil, originally aimed at individuals, is now expanding to include legal entities.

This means a close look at around seven million MEIs with debts to the government. This advance represents a concrete response to the financial difficulties faced, especially in times of crisis.

Pronampe and higher interest rates

The new version of the program aims to address debts arising from Pronampe, a support program that, paradoxically, ended up worsening the financial situation of many companies due to high interest rates.

Desenrola Brasil appears as a solution to mitigate this impact, offering a viable alternative for debt renegotiation.

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Need for change thanks to default

The government recognizes the challenge faced by micro and small entrepreneurs, with an alarming default rate.

The business version of Desenrola Brasil is a response to this reality, seeking to offer more favorable conditions for repaying debts and, thus, promoting the financial health of companies.

Renegotiate debts and take out loans

In addition to renegotiating debts, the program foresees the implementation of an exclusive identification card for MEIs, facilitating access to specific loans.

This initiative is essential to ensure that entrepreneurs have an easier time obtaining the financial resources necessary to maintain and expand their businesses.

Future challenges for Desenrola

Despite its efforts, Desenrola Brasil still faces challenges, mainly in raising awareness among the target audience about new debt negotiation opportunities.

The lack of knowledge on how to access and use the platform is an obstacle that needs to be overcome to expand the reach and effectiveness of the program.

Another renegotiation option: Serasa Limpa Nome

Finally, to renegotiate debts with Serasa Limpa Nome, access the website (or the Serasa app. Register or log in, and view your debts listed.

Choose the debt you want to negotiate and check out the installment options or discounts offered by creditors.

Choose the proposal that best suits your financial capacity and finalize the agreement. After negotiation, you will receive a payment slip, beginning the process of clearing your name.

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