new law, return of benefit and payment of up to R$1,000

Social program returns with everything in 2024! Check out all the Bolsa Família changes in January 2024, including the complete deposit calendar!

Bolsa Família, a key part of the social protection network in Brazil, is undergoing significant changes in January 2024.

The transformations promise to bring relief and support to millions of beneficiaries, with the introduction of new legislation, the return of improved benefits and payments that can reach up to R$1,000. Let's dive into the "turns" that mark this important program at the beginning of the year.

Bolsa Família and the changes in January: new law, return of the benefit and payment of up to R$1,000. Credit: Pronatec.

What is the value of Bolsa Família?

In 2024, Bolsa Família will maintain its minimum value of R$600, vital support for families in situations of economic vulnerability.

The value is calculated considering R$142 per family member, ensuring that basic needs can be met. In other words: larger families can receive more than R$1,000.

This financial support plays a crucial role in improving the living conditions of beneficiaries, contributing to the reduction of poverty and inequality in the country.

Changes in Bolsa Família: Additional payments

One of the main new features is the additional payment of R$150 for children aged 0 to 6 years. This financial reinforcement aims to provide better support during the crucial years of child development.

Young people between 7 and 18 years old will also receive an extra R$50, recognizing the specific needs of this age group and contributing to their education and well-being.

Reinforced support for pregnant women and nursing mothers

This shift focuses on supporting pregnant women and nursing mothers, recognizing the importance of health and nutrition during pregnancy and the first months of the baby’s life.

Through the creation of a new law, the program provides additional financial assistance to these groups, ensuring that they can access essential resources for such a critical period in their lives.

Changes in Bolsa Família: Vale-gás

In addition to increases in regular payments, Bolsa Família in 2024 includes Vale-Gás, an additional benefit to help families cover the costs of gas cylinders.

This assistance is especially relevant in the current context, in which many Brazilian families struggle with rising domestic fuel prices. Payment is made every two months, returning in February.

Bolsa Família Calendar – January 2024

Now that you know the main changes of Bolsa Família in January 2024; See the complete benefit deposit calendar below! The dates, as usual, are divided according to the last digit of the beneficiaries’ NIS:

January 18 – deposit for NIS 1; January 19 – deposit for NIS 2; January 22 – deposit for NIS 3; January 23 – deposit for NIS 4; January 24 – deposit for NIS 5; January 25 – deposit for NIS 6; January 26 – deposit for NIS 7; January 29 – deposit for NIS 8; January 30 – deposit for NIS 9; January 31 – deposit for NIS 0.

Program changes are great news

The changes to Bolsa Família in January 2024 represent a significant effort by the Brazilian government to strengthen the social security network and meet the needs of the most vulnerable population.

With these "turns", the program not only offers greater financial relief, but also acts more effectively in combating poverty and supporting child, youth and maternal development.

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