New law already approved, guarantees FREE renewal of the driver's license in 2024; check out!

Who is entitled to free CNH renewal in 2024? Approval of a new law could change everything for drivers; check out the details.

2024 marks a new chapter for Brazilian drivers, especially for seniors over 70, with the implementation of a revolutionary law.

Renewing the National Driving License (CNH), an often onerous and bureaucratic process, now becomes more accessible and free of cost for this group.

This change, signaling an era of greater consideration and respect for those who have already contributed so much to society, promises to ease the financial burden and simplify the lives of many. We will show below all the details of this beneficial transformation in driver’s license renewal.

New law already approved, guarantees FREE renewal of the driver’s license in 2024; check out! Credit: plasticaxe.

Requirements for issuing a driver’s license

Before we understand the new law, it is crucial to remember the requirements for issuing a CNH, which validates the ability to drive vehicles in Brazil:

Minimum Age: 18 years old.Passing Exams: Theoretical and practical driving.Driver Training Course: Carried out in accredited driving schools.Health Exams: Physical and mental assessment.Psychotechnical Examination: To assess the driver’s psychological conditions.

These steps ensure that only qualified individuals in suitable conditions can drive, ensuring safety on public roads.

New Law guarantees free renewal of CNH in 2024

The new legislation brings significant relief to seniors over 70 years of age, offering free renewal of their driver’s license. This measure, valid for emissions made by the State Department of Traffic of Amazonas (Detran-AM), in accordance with Complementary Law no. 256, came into force on December 18, 2023.

This step reflects a recognition of the importance of making life easier for these citizens, many of whom still depend on driving as an essential means of transport.

How to renew your driver’s license free of charge?

To benefit from the exemption from renewal fees, interested parties must:

Schedule an appointment: This must be done on the Detran-AM website.Attend the License Management: Located at Avenida Mário Ypiranga, 2884, Parque Dez neighborhood, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 3pm.

From then on, during the care itself, the elderly must present:

Original documents and copies of valid photo identification document (RG). Updated proof of residence.

Exceptions to cost exemption

Attention! It is important to highlight that the exemption does not apply to amounts relating to:

Physical and mental fitness tests. Toxicological examination. Psychological assessment.

These costs continue to be the responsibility of the applicant, as they are offered by accredited clinics and laboratories.

The impact of the new law

According to Rodrigo de Sá, CEO of Detran Amazonas, the new law is a way to honor and benefit those who have contributed so much to the state. This initiative not only facilitates the driver’s license renewal process for the elderly, but also represents a significant change in the way the State recognizes and values ​​its most experienced citizens.

The approval of the law represents a milestone in the history of Brazilian traffic, bringing a combination of respect, convenience and support to the elderly.

By facilitating the CNH renewal process for seniors over 70 years of age, the government demonstrates a commitment to the inclusion and well-being of this portion of the population. Find out more at

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