New group of Brazilians is authorized to negotiate debts through Desenrola Brasil: check it out NOW!

Can you participate in the new phase of Desenrola Brasil? We show all the new features in the program, and reveal the participation criteria.

Desenrola Brasil, a revolutionary initiative by the Federal Government, has just opened its doors to a new group of Brazilians, allowing more people the chance to renegotiate their debts and find a path back to financial stability.

Therefore, who can participate in the renegotiation process? And, even more important: how to guarantee access to the Desenrola portal? Check out our guide to find out the answer!

Can you renegotiate debts at Desenrola Brasil? Credit: plasticaxe.

Desenrola's success is undeniable

Since its launch, Desenrola Brasil has been a beacon of hope for those navigating the turbulent waters of default.

With a focus on simplifying debt renegotiation, the program has already benefited millions, proving to be a crucial tool in individual and collective economic recovery.

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Expansion of access to Desenrola Brasil

Until then, the Desenrola Brasil program was only available to users with a account at the gold or silver levels.

Now, in a significant change, the federal government has expanded the possibilities for debt installments to also include bronze level account holders.

The inclusion is excellent news for a large number of Brazilians who, until now, were limited by restrictions on access to the program.

How many Brazilians are negotiating?

The program offers attractive conditions for those looking to renegotiate their debts. At the launch of Desenrola Brasil, it was observed that only 42% of registered CPFs had access to gold or silver. With the new change, it is expected to significantly expand this reach.

The average ticket for negotiations carried out by the program is R$251 for cash payments and R$961 for installment payments, showing the flexibility and accessibility of the conditions offered.

Interest and installments at Desenrola Brasil

Negotiations carried out through Desenrola Brasil have an average interest of 1.81%, with an average of 12 installments.

All these benefits, of course, make refinancing a viable option for many Brazilians looking to get out of the red and clear their name.

Easy Access to Desenrola Brasil

One of the new features announced is the possibility of accessing the Desenrola Brasil platform directly from financial institution websites and applications. The integration aims to make the user experience even easier.

Desenrola Brasil has already benefited around 115 million Brazilians, with more than R$34 billion in debt negotiated.

Average discounts of 83% remain available until March 31, representing an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to regularize their finances.

How to register on

To participate in Desenrola Brasil and take advantage of the renegotiation conditions, it is necessary to register on the federal government portal.

Registration is free and open to all Brazilians. Here is a simplified step-by-step guide for registration:

Access the government website ( and select the option "Enter with". Enter your CPF and proceed as instructed. Accept the terms and fill out the form with your data, which can be validated by the IRS Federal or INSS. A verification code will be sent via email or cell phone. Enter it in the indicated location and create a password that meets the required criteria.

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Renegotiating your debts

After registering on, you will be able to access the Desenrola Brasil system and begin the process of renegotiating your debts.

The program was designed to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, ensuring that more Brazilians can benefit from this opportunity to reorganize their finances.

Still have doubts? Solve all questions on the program’s official website:

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