New FGTS withdrawal in 2024 could surprise and help thousands of workers; know more!

If you are a worker, know that you may have the right to access your FGTS this year through a new modality. Check out all the information!

Have you heard about the new FGTS law that promises to be even better than the 14th salary? That’s right! A revolution in the world of FGTS is underway, and you, the worker, need to be up to date with all the news.

In this article, we will unveil the details of this proposal that has been generating great expectations among Brazilians. Get ready to discover how this change can positively impact your financial life and bring more security in times of need.

The FGTS has a different modality. Find out what it is and when it will come into effect! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Did you know that the new FGTS law, recently announced, includes an extra payment in addition to the birthday withdrawal for workers? This initiative promises to be a game changer for those who depend on these resources. According to information from the InfoMoney portal, the change will allow workers who opted for an early birthday withdrawal to still be able to withdraw the FGTS in the event of dismissal.

Keeping workers protected

The Minister of Labor, Luiz Marinho, in a statement to SBT News, highlighted that the main objective of this new law is to ensure that workers are not left destitute in the event of unemployment. Furthermore, the proposal aims to guarantee the right to withdrawal even for those who chose the birthday withdrawal. This is a significant change, as previously, opting for the birthday withdrawal meant giving up the full withdrawal in the event of unfair dismissal.

How will the new law work?

The change in the FGTS law still depends on the approval of the FGTS Board of Trustees, which will meet in March to discuss the proposal. If approved, workers could receive additional financial relief, especially in times of uncertainty. The Minister of Labor stated that he had a majority on the board, which suggests a possible approval of the proposal. However, he also made it clear that, although he considered the end of the birthday withdrawal modality, this decision will be the subject of a wider debate.

Potential impact on workers

If this proposal is approved, it will represent a significant improvement in relation to the known 14th salary. The FGTS payment may be higher than the minimum wage, depending on the balance the worker has in the account. This change has the potential to benefit millions of Brazilians, offering additional financial security in times of need.

Exploring the FGTS modalities: understand your options

The FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) is a fundamental tool for the financial security of Brazilian workers. With several modalities available, it is essential to understand each of them to make more informed decisions about your resources. Let’s explore the main FGTS modalities:

Withdrawal-termination: this is the traditional FGTS modality. In it, the worker has the right to withdraw the total accumulated in their FGTS account when they are fired without just cause. Furthermore, in situations such as retirement, death of the worker and other specific cases provided for by law, withdrawal is also permitted; Birthday withdrawal: introduced as a more flexible option, it allows the worker to withdraw part of the FGTS balance annually, in the month of your birthday. By opting for this modality, the worker gives up the right to withdraw the full balance in case of unfair dismissal, maintaining only the 40% termination fine; Withdrawal for health reasons: in cases of serious illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS , or in public health emergency situations, such as pandemics, the worker can withdraw the FGTS to assist in treatment or in situations of need related to health; Withdrawal to purchase own housing: the FGTS can be used to buy, build, renovate or amortize real estate financing. This modality is an important ally for workers who dream of owning their own home. Education withdrawal: although less known, this modality allows the use of FGTS to finance higher education or professional courses, offering an opportunity to invest in education and development professional.

Each of these modalities was created with the different needs of Brazilian workers in mind. Understanding the options available is the first step to making more effective financial planning and ensuring a more secure future.

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