New document eliminates the use of ID from the age of 60

Many elderly people are unsure whether they no longer need their ID card in their daily lives. Understand what the new document for seniors is and how it works!

Did you know that elderly people now have incredible news that promises to make their lives much easier? That’s right! The government launched a new document especially designed for people aged 60 and over.

Therefore, those who have not yet issued the new version should stay tuned to find out everything that has changed and what could happen from now on. Let’s go?

Can seniors no longer use ID cards? Understand what the new exclusive document for seniors is! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New document for seniors

In a move to modernize and simplify the lives of the elderly, the government presented an innovative document that will replace the traditional ID for this age group.

Imagine no longer needing to carry that old ID, with a photo from decades ago, and having something designed precisely to meet your needs?

Security and practicality in the palm of your hands

In short, this new document is not just a piece of paper; it is a true inclusion tool, designed to offer more practicality and security.

With cutting-edge technology, it facilitates access to services and benefits, ensuring that older people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

How to obtain the new document?

You may be wondering: "How do I obtain this new document?" Don’t worry, the process is simple and accessible.

Just go to the responsible body in your city with the necessary documentation. In a short time, you will have this new product in your hands that promises to transform the daily lives of elderly people.

New inclusive document for seniors

Overall, the goal of this new document is to promote recognition, inclusion and respect.

It’s a way of telling our seniors that they matter and that society is evolving to better meet their needs.

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Discover the New RG for all Brazilians

Now, are you up to date with the new changes to the RG? As of March 2021, Brazil began issuing a new General Registration model, aiming to increase security and reduce fraud.

What changed in the new RG?

In short, the new RG comes with some significant new features. The main change is that your ID number will be replaced by your CPF, making it unique and non-transferable.

Furthermore, a QR Code will be added to the document to guarantee authenticity and can be read even without internet.

Another new feature is that the ID will be accepted internationally, thanks to the inclusion of the MRZ code, the same one used in passports.

Additional benefits of the new document

In addition to the changes in numbering and security, the new ID allows the inclusion of several other documents, such as the National Driving License (CNH), the voter registration card, and even your blood type.

Furthermore, for people with disabilities, specific information can be added, facilitating access to services and rights.

New expiration dates

The new ID also changes the expiration dates, which now vary according to the age group:

Up to 11 years old: valid for 5 years; From 12 to 59 years old: valid for 10 years; Over 60 years old: valid indefinitely. Is the new ID mandatory?

For now, switching to the new ID is not mandatory. However, from March 2023, all issuing bodies must only issue the new model.

If you are from São Paulo, for example, and need a new route, you will receive the new format. Important: issuing a new ID is free!

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