New CRUCIAL increase in the minimum wage: starting in February?

Everything about the new increase in the minimum wage that promises to generate a lot of repercussions among Brazilians! Will you be able to receive it?

In a world where the economy is a constant carousel of ups and downs, the news of an increase in the minimum wage appears as a ray of hope for millions of active workers and INSS beneficiaries.

This year, we are faced with a significant change that promises to impact several areas of the job market. See all the waves of this change, and understand how it affects the lives of workers, individual microentrepreneurs and more.

Check out the new increase in the minimum wage and its impact on the people! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is the current value of the minimum wage?

Since the beginning of 2024, the national minimum wage has seen a jump, going from R$1,320 to R$1,412. During the presidential campaign, one of Lula’s promises was to increase the minimum wage above inflation, and with the first adjustment, he fulfilled the agreement.

The increase of almost 7% reflects a significant change in the financial lives of Brazilian workers, and is also used to define the values ​​of INSS benefits.

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The impact of the new minimum wage for those who are MEI

Journalist Thiago Ariosi, from Globo’s Tem Notícias 1° Edition of Sorocaba, highlighted the implications of the increase for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

According to Ariosi, the adjustment in the MEI contribution will take effect in February. This is the "new increase" that is already generating great repercussions on the networks.

In the newspaper article, the expert warns that failure to pay the tax will result in the CNPJ being referred to the Union’s Active Debt, a scenario that no businessman wants to face.

What are the new contribution values?

The report by Victor Cardoso, who interviewed tax lawyer Cristiano Tamura, sheds light on the new contribution values ​​for MEIs.

Tamura clarifies that the value of the contribution, which was R$66 last year, will increase to R$76.60 in 2024. The annual adjustment is a direct consequence of the increase in the national minimum wage.

Why should the MEI contribute to the INSS?

Victor Cardoso also emphasized the importance of paying this social security contribution for MEIs on time.

After all, it is through this financial commitment that microentrepreneurs guarantee crucial social security benefits such as retirement due to age or disability, sickness and prison benefits, as well as death and maternity pensions.

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Don’t forget to contribute!

The new increase in the minimum wage is a step towards a more balanced and fair economy. So this is excellent news.

For MEIs, the impact is twofold: they not only deal with the increase in their own expenses, but also with changes in social security contributions.

In an economic scenario that is always in flux, news like this highlights the dynamics of the job market and the constant need to adapt.

So, stay informed to avoid problems! Otherwise, you may lose the right to issue invoices and carry out other activities.

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