New benefit for young students and INSS policyholders: Pix guaranteed?

Retirees and students: Pix Garantido revolutionizes air travel in Brazil, providing affordable and exclusive tickets. Find out how to take advantage of this unique benefit now!

The federal government is about to launch an unprecedented benefit that promises to revolutionize the lives of INSS retirees and Brazilian students. While it is common for these groups to enjoy discounts and priorities across sectors, this new initiative promises something completely different and surprising.

Called "Pix Garantido", this program, designed during the mandate of former minister Márcio França, when he held the portfolio of Ports and Airports, aims to offer an extraordinary advantage to retirees and students, allowing them to enjoy a convenience that was hitherto unprecedented.

Find out how Pix Garantido is revolutionizing travel for Brazilian retirees and students. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does Pix Garantido work for retirees and students?

Pix Garantido is mainly intended for retirees linked to the INSS (National Social Security Institute) and students who are part of Prouni (University for All Program). These are the first groups to benefit from this revolutionary initiative.

The current Minister of Ports and Airports, Sílvio Costa Filho, promised that the program will be officially launched next month, with expectations that this will happen in January. However, he set a slightly broader deadline, with the official start scheduled for the following month.

Benefits of Pix Guaranteed:

INSS retirees who receive up to two minimum wages (around 20.8 million people, according to government data) will have the opportunity to purchase airline tickets at affordable prices;Students benefiting from Prouni (approximately 600 thousand students, according to the government) They will also be able to take advantage of the benefits of the program; Each trip segment will have a maximum cost of R$ 200, making air travel more accessible than ever; Tickets will be sold directly by the airlines.

Initially, the program will focus on elderly people and low-income students, seeking to provide affordable air travel opportunities. The government, however, has ambitious plans to expand this benefit to other audiences who may have never traveled by plane or who have not done so for at least 12 months.

To make this possible, the government entered into agreements with airlines, guaranteeing:

Reservation of exclusive seats for Pix Garantido passengers; Availability of tickets on flights with lower passenger demand, especially during business days and less busy times.

This approach aims to fill empty seats with people who have little experience in air travel, benefiting both passengers and airlines.

UNPRECEDENTED experiences for Brazilians

With Pix Garantido, the federal government seeks to provide unprecedented and accessible experiences for INSS retirees and students. Furthermore, it will promote the inclusion and democratization of air travel in Brazil. The program is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to improving the quality of life of these groups and opening new mobility perspectives for all Brazilians.

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