New 4 benefits PAID by Caixa Tem in the next few days; check out!

Who can receive the 4 benefits at Caixa Tem? Check what the payments are about and when they will be deposited in the app.

The Caixa Tem application, developed by Caixa Econômica Federal, has been a fundamental tool to facilitate access to social and labor benefits in Brazil.

With its popularity and ease of use, the federal government has expanded the platform’s use to include a variety of benefits.

In the coming days, four different benefits will be paid through Caixa Tem, and here we will detail each of them so that you do not miss any important information.

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How to download and install Caixa Tem?

Firstly, we must clarify how to download and install the Caixa Tem app. The platform runs both on cell phones with the Android operating system, as well as on iPhones and other Apple devices that use iOS.

To access Caixa Tem benefits, the first step is to download and install the application. See how easy it is:

Download the app: Available on Google Play and App Store. Download links are available at Open Caixa Tem, select "Register" and open your account.Fill in the details: Enter your personal information and create a 6-number password.Document verification: Upload a photo of your ID or Driver’s license and a selfie holding the document. Enter contact email: Complete the registration with a valid email.

Now that you know how to download and register with Caixa Tem, see below the 4 payments that will be made in the next few days.

Bolsa Família

The first benefit that will be paid at Caixa Tem in the next few days is Bolsa Família. With a minimum value of R$600, the program begins deposits on January 18th.

As usual, the payroll is divided according to the last digit of the beneficiaries’ NIS. See the calendar below:

January 18 – deposit for NIS 1; January 19 – deposit for NIS 2; January 22 – deposit for NIS 3; January 23 – deposit for NIS 4; January 24 – deposit for NIS 5; January 25 – deposit for NIS 6; January 26 – deposit for NIS 7; January 29 – deposit for NIS 8; January 30 – deposit for NIS 9; January 31 – deposit for NIS 0.

Benefits at Caixa Tem: PIS

Workers in the private network who worked with a formal contract in 2022, and who received up to two minimum wages, can expect payment of PIS through Caixa Tem.

The maximum amount to be received is R$1,412 and deposits begin in February, based on the worker’s month of birth.

Gas Aid

Gas Aid, which offers 100% of the average price of a 13 kg gas cylinder to families in the Single Registry with an income of up to half the minimum wage per person, will also be made available by Caixa Tem.

The payment schedule follows that of Bolsa Família, with the next payment scheduled for February.

Benefits at Caixa Tem: FGTS withdrawal

Finally, any FGTS withdrawal can be made through Caixa Tem. To do this, users need to register their account on the FGTS app and follow the desired withdrawal procedure.

This facility allows workers to access their funds with greater convenience, ensuring practical and simplified withdrawals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to cash out!

The new benefits made available by Caixa Tem represent a major advance in the way Brazilians access financial assistance from the government.

With the ease and convenience of the application, it is easier than ever for citizens to receive the support they need, be it Bolsa Família, PIS payment, Gas Aid or FGTS withdrawal.

Pay attention to payment dates and make sure your Caixa Tem account is up to date to take advantage of these benefits.

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