Netflix will not be available for the Vision Pro, for now…

Despite the launch of the Vision Pro, some popular applications such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify will not be available directly on the device. Users will have to access these services through the device’s Safari browser. Greg Peters, co-CEO of Netflix, explained in an interview with Stratechery that the company has no plans to develop an app for the Vision Pro at this time, arguing that the device is “so insignificant” that it is “not really relevant” to the most Netflix members.

The Vision Pro device, while innovative, will not feature the Netflix app, a decision that reflects a careful investment strategy.

Netflix’s cautious investment strategy

Peters emphasized the importance of being cautious in allocating resources, ensuring that investment is not made in areas that do not generate a significant return. Although Netflix seeks almost total ubiquity on devices, the decisions that guide this strategy are based on a rigorous analysis of the effort required to integrate into each platform and the benefits it would bring to its members. According to Peters, Netflix remains in constant dialogue with Apple and has not completely ruled out a future application for Vision Pro, noting that “we have always had active discussions about how we could help each other.”

The price and production of the Vision Pro: A niche product?

The high price of the Vision Pro, $3,500 (in dollars since it is only available in the US) and the limited production of the device in 2024, suggest that it could be considered a niche product. Rumors indicate that Apple sold between 160,000 and 180,000 units at the launch of pre-sales and plans to ship around 500,000 units during the year. Despite the initial demand, analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo consider the Vision Pro to be “still a very niche product,” a perception that appears to be shared by notable companies that have decided not to develop apps for the device.

The implications for Netflix Users

Although the Vision Pro is capable of running iPad apps with little to no effort from developers, Netflix has chosen not to make the Netflix iPad app available on the device. Peters did not explain the reasons for this decision. Consequently, Netflix subscribers will need to access the service through the Vision Pro web browser.

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