More than 60 thousand Brazilians were APPROVED to obtain a driver's license for free; check the regions

Discover the Brazilian regions that offer free driver’s licenses for low-income people and find out the requirements to participate. Cost-free mobility at your fingertips.

The free CNH program, popularly known as CNH Social, is about to benefit more than 60 thousand Brazilians in its second edition, with a special focus on low-income people.

The initiative, which stands out as an effort by the Government to provide opportunities for mobility and income generation, brings interesting details for those who want to obtain a National Driving License (CNH) free of charge.

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Free driver’s license available to Brazilians

Namely, registrations for the free CNH program are scheduled to open on January 29th and will be carried out online, through the website This ease of registration aims to democratize access to the qualification process, eliminating bureaucratic barriers.

For residents in the 144 municipalities in the state of Pará, the program offers 60,000 places, with the commitment to guarantee that they can obtain a driver’s license free of charge. Furthermore, one of the main objectives of the program is to allow beneficiaries to use the document on a paid basis, which can represent an additional source of income in their lives.

In principle, the free Pará driver’s license covers several benefits for those selected, covering the processes of first license, change and addition of category. One of the most attractive points is that the entire process, including medical exams, practical exams and classes at driving schools, will be carried out without the need to pay any fees or amounts.

Furthermore, Detran/PA informs that, in addition to broad competition, specific vacancies are planned for women and people with disabilities.

Rules and criteria for participation

In summary, to qualify and take advantage of all the services offered by the free CNH program, it is necessary to meet certain established criteria. Interested parties must:

Be over 18 years old; Prove income of up to 2 minimum wages; Be unemployed for more than 12 months; Be a public school student with excellent academic performance; Be a person with special needs; Be an ex-convict; Be a farmer; Have no registration in your work card; Receive Bolsa Família; Have no records of traffic violations; Be a worker in the transport sector who wants to regularize your situation before the courts.

Fulfilling these criteria, selected candidates will be able to complete the entire qualification process, from classes at the driving school to exams, at no associated cost.

After all, where is the free driver’s license available?

Although the program has been regulated by the Federal Government, it is important to highlight that states have the autonomy to decide whether to join this initiative. Therefore, not all states offer free driver’s licenses to their population.

However, to help you identify in which states this opportunity is available, we have created a list of federal units that currently offer the benefit:

Acre;Goiás;Mato Grosso do Sul;Federal District;Espírito Santo;São Paulo;Minas Gerais;Rio Grande do Norte;Roraima;Tocantins;Pernambuco;Ceará;Piauí;Amazonas;Mato Grosso do Norte;Pará;Paraná;Santa Catarina.

It is important to remember that program availability may vary based on state policies, so it is advisable to check the latest information on your state’s DMV website for details on how to apply and what criteria need to be met.

In conclusion, the free driver’s license continues to be a valuable initiative to provide access to mobility and income-generating opportunities for those who need it most. With the second edition of the program in Pará, more than 60 thousand Brazilians will have the chance to obtain a driver’s license for free, eliminating financial barriers on their way to obtaining this important document.

Finally, visit your state’s DMV website for detailed information on how to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

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