more than 200 cities, check it out!

What are the Enem dos Concursos exam locations? We show you everything you need to know about the Unified National Competition!

In a country where public job opportunities are highly coveted, an exciting new development has emerged: the Enem dos Concursos. This new selection process is opening doors for thousands of Brazilians looking for a career in the public sector.

With the announcement of test locations in more than 220 cities, the anticipation is palpable. In this article, we will show all the details of this revolutionary event, marking a new chapter in the way public exams are carried out in Brazil.

List brings together the Enem dos Concursos test locations: more than 200 cities, check it out! Credit: Reproduction

What is the Enem dos Concursos?

The "Enem dos Concursos", an unprecedented initiative in Brazil, appears as a golden opportunity for those who aspire to a place in public office.

This selection brings together hundreds of vacancies in 21 federal public bodies, including the Ministry of Health, FUNAI, AGU, Ministry of Education, IBGE, among others.

Initially, 217 cities were announced as test sites, but the number was increased to 220 by the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services.

Discover the Enem dos Concursos test locations

This unified national competition will be applied on May 5th. Registration is open from January 19th to February 9th, with fees of R$60 for mid-level positions and R$90 for higher-level positions. The total number of vacancies is 6,640, of which 5,948 are for higher education and 692 for secondary education.

The distribution of cities across regions of Brazil is as follows: Northeast leads with 50 cities, followed by Southeast with 49, North with 39, South with 23 and Central-West with 18.

To check the complete and updated list of cities, there is no secret: just access the following Government file: of-cities-where-the-tests-of-the-national-public-competition-will-be-applied/relacao-180-municipios-final.pdf.

Thematic blocks and vacancies in the Unified Competition

An interesting new feature are the thematic blocks that encompass the available vacancies. They are divided as follows:

Block 1: Infrastructure, Exact and Engineering – 727 vacanciesBlock 2: Technology, Data and Information – 597 vacanciesBlock 3: Environmental, Agrarian and Biological – 530 vacanciesBlock 4: Work and Employee Health – 971 vacanciesBlock 5: Education, Health, Social Development and Human Rights – 1,016 vacanciesBlock 6: Economic Sectors and Regulation – 359 vacanciesBlock 7: Government Management and Public Administration – 1,748 vacanciesBlock 8: Intermediate Level – 692 vacancies

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

Enem dos Concursos represents an important milestone for the Brazilian public sector. With a more centralized and structured approach, it promises to make the selection process more efficient and accessible, opening doors to thousands of candidates across the country.

This is a time of great expectation and preparation for those interested in entering the federal public service, representing a unique chance for professional advancement and stability.

Stay informed and prepared as the opportunity of a lifetime could be just an exam away! Find out more at

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