Ministry of Education ANNOUNCES more than 400 thousand scholarships through Prouni

Ministry of Education offers more than 400 thousand scholarships through Prouni. Find out how to earn your place in higher education with full and partial scholarships.

The Ministry of Education (MEC) has just released news that has the potential to transform the Brazilian educational scenario.

With the first edition of the University for All Program (Prouni) in 2024, the MEC is offering more than 402 thousand scholarships, marking a record offer in the program since its creation in 2005.

In short, these scholarships represent a valuable opportunity for students seeking to enroll in undergraduate courses at quality private institutions, and this news provides important details about this initiative. Next, find out more about.

Prouni’s largest scholarship offer in 2024: more than 400,000 opportunities to enroll in undergraduate studies. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

ProUni 2024

In this edition of Prouni, 304,638 full scholarships are being offered, which cover 100% of tuition fees, and 97,454 partial scholarships, with a significant discount of 50%.

This wide variety of scholarships seeks to meet the different needs of students, making the dream of higher education more accessible.

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Where can I check the vacancies offered by ProUni?

Interested parties can easily check available vacancies through the Single Access to Higher Education portal.

On this portal, vacancies are detailed by course, shift, institution and location, making it easier for students to find the option that best fits their academic plans.

In total, there are 15,482 courses offered by 1,028 institutions participating in the program.

About ProUni 2024 vacancies

The state of São Paulo leads the ranking of vacancies, offering a total of 103,282 opportunities, of which 81,069 are full scholarships and 22,213 are partial scholarships with a 50% discount.

Minas Gerais appears in second place, with 39,640 vacancies, followed by Paraná (35,572 scholarships), Rio Grande do Sul (27,297) and Bahia (21,905).

The complete list of vacancies available by federative units is published and accessible on the MEC website.

A path to higher education

The University for All Program (Prouni) is an initiative of the Brazilian federal government whose main objective is to facilitate access for low-income students to higher education.

Through Prouni, beneficiaries can take undergraduate courses at quality private institutions, thanks to the full and partial scholarships offered.

How to get a scholarship at ProUni?

Namely, to compete for full Prouni scholarships, it is necessary to prove gross monthly family income of up to 1.5 minimum wages per person.

Meanwhile, in the case of partial scholarships, the gross monthly family income must be up to three minimum wages per person. Furthermore, it is important not to have written the Enem essay to zero and to have obtained at least 450 points in the average test scores.

Democratizing access to higher education

Finally, Prouni plays a fundamental role in democratizing access to higher education in Brazil.

By enabling students from different regions of the country to have the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate courses, the program contributes to the reduction of social inequalities and the country’s educational development.

The announcement by the Ministry of Education about the availability of more than 400 thousand scholarships through Prouni is promising news for Brazilian students.

This initiative reinforces the government’s commitment to making higher education accessible to an increasing number of people, thus strengthening the country’s educational and economic potential.

Therefore, if you are a student looking for higher education opportunities, be sure to check out the vacancies available. Take the first step towards your academic and professional future.

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