Minister of Planning and Central Bank record 2 victories for 2024: Brazilians are celebrating

This year, some important news should reach the lives of Brazilians. Check out what’s coming up and why citizens are excited!

The year 2024 begins with an atmosphere of optimism for Brazilians, thanks to the achievements led by Simone Tebet, Minister of Planning. With the confirmation of two important victories confirmed by the Central Bank, Tebet brought significant relief to Brazilians’ pockets, marking a period of economic and social progress.

These achievements are a direct reflection of Tebet’s implemented policies and hard work, demonstrating his commitment to the nation’s well-being and prosperity. Today, let’s explore some important changes that are expected to arrive soon.

Are you looking forward to the latest news from the country? See what the Minister of Planning announced for Brazilians! / Photo: Valter Campanato – Agência Brasil

2024: a year of victories for Brazilians

Controlled inflation: in 2023, inflation closed at 4.62%, according to INGE data. This index, despite being on the rise, remained within the established target range, which was 3.25% with a tolerance of 1.5 percentage points more or less. This achievement is an indicator of stability and economic control; Increase in purchasing power: one of the victories achieved by Tebet was the increase in the purchasing power of Brazilians. This means that citizens now have more resources to purchase goods and services, improving their quality of life; Affordable food: another great achievement is the reduction in food prices. With inflation under control, food became more accessible, especially for the most vulnerable classes, ensuring adequate nutrition and improving food security.

The economic and social impact

Boosting the economy: increasing purchasing power and reducing food prices are fundamental to boosting the country’s economy. With more money in their pockets, Brazilians can consume more, moving the economy and stimulating growth;Focus on employment and income: Tebet reinforces its commitment to employment, income and the quality of life of the Brazilian people. Its focus is on creating opportunities and improving the population's living conditions.

Confirmation from the Central Bank

Economic projections: according to the Central Bank’s Focus survey, the IPCA projection was 4.47%, slightly above market expectations. This confirmation by the BC reinforces the credibility of the economic policies adopted; Inflation target: from 2025, Brazil will adopt a continuous inflation target, replacing the current meta-calendar model. This is an important step towards ensuring long-term sustainable economic stability.

2024 marks the start of scholarships for Brazilian high school students

Still on the minister’s achievements, in 2024, Brazilian high school students will receive excellent news: the possibility of receiving scholarships from March. This project aims to stimulate academic performance and support young students in vulnerable situations.

With a fund of R$61 billion, this program seeks not only to encourage education, but also to promote equal opportunities for all Brazilians in the educational field.

Scholarship Program Details

Implementation: the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana, announced that the government intends to start paying the incentive to high school students from March 2024; Eligibility criteria: the benefit will be intended for students registered in the Single Registry of Social Programs ( CadÚnico) and for young people aged between 19 and 24 enrolled in the Youth and Adult Education program (EJA);Number of beneficiaries: it is estimated that around 2.5 million young people will benefit from this program.

Types of aid planned

Monthly aid: will be paid for at least nine months a year and will be available for withdrawal at any time; Annual payment: made at the end of each academic year, but can only be withdrawn after completing high school. Students must maintain school attendance of 80% of school days without failing.

Requirements for the benefit

Participation in exams: students must participate in exams such as the Basic Education Assessment System (SAEB) and the National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM); Adhesion of state governments: state governments will be responsible for adhesion to the program and for attesting the attendance and school performance of the beneficiary students.

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