Minimum wage error on the Prouni 2024 website: understand the controversy

Error on the Prouni 2024 website causes the biggest repercussion on social media! Students want to know: when will the minimum wage flaw be fixed?

Recently, a controversy involving the website of the University for All Program (Prouni) for the year 2024 began to attract the attention of candidates and the media.

The heart of the problem? An error related to the calculation of candidates’ family income, based on minimum wage values. Has the problem already been fixed? In addition to checking out the details of this situation, just read our article to understand the impact it can have on Brazilian students.

Prouni website presents error on the first day of registration! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is ProUni?

Prouni, for those who don’t know, is an educational incentive program that offers full and partial scholarships at private higher education institutions.

It is aimed at low-income students and has per capita family income (for each member of the family unit) as one of the eligibility criteria.

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New minimum wage results in error on Prouni website

The Prouni website (for the first half of 2024) presented technical problems and instabilities on the first day of registration.

Candidates reported that, when filling out personal data, an error window appeared indicating flaws in the information provided.

The situation is even more worrying: the calculation of per capita family income was considering the minimum wage value of 2023 (R$1,320) instead of the updated value of 2024 (R$1,412). This error could exclude candidates who would be entitled to the scholarship.

How does the error on the Prouni website impact students?

Due to this discrepancy, students like Adriana Mazac, 19, who is seeking a scholarship in medicine in Rio de Janeiro, face difficulties.

Although her family’s per capita income is R$1,996 – below the limit of R$2,118 (1.5 minimum wages per capita) for full scholarships in 2024 – the Prouni system recognizes her as only eligible for partial scholarships.

This is because, according to 2023 values, your income is above the ceiling of R$1,980. Therefore, the failure causes great inconvenience for candidates.

The students’ reaction

This technical failure brought frustration and anxiety to candidates, who see Prouni as an important second chance to realize their academic and professional dreams.

On social media, several similar reports highlight the extent of the problem. With the wave of complaints, the MEC rushed to correct the issue.

How to register for Prouni 2024?

Registration for Prouni requires candidates to use the login. They must have participated in the National High School Exam (Enem) in 2022 or 2023, obtaining a minimum average of 450 points in the areas of knowledge and a grade above zero in the essay.

For the 2024 edition, Prouni follows the following calendar:

Registration: From January 29th to February 1st. First call: February 6th. Second call: February 27th. Waiting list: March 14th and 15th.

The candidate must choose up to two course options, indicating the educational institution and the shift. It is important to monitor the cut-off score daily and be aware of the tiebreaker criteria, which include the score in the essay and in the Enem exams.

More about Prouni at: Ministry of Education ANNOUNCES more than 400 thousand scholarships through Prouni

Prouni’s error has now been fixed!

The controversy over the error in calculating family income on the Prouni 2024 website highlights the importance of a reliable and updated digital infrastructure for such significant educational processes.

Fortunately, according to information from the Ministry of Education, the failure was punctual, and all instability issues on the official website have now been corrected.

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