MEI may request a loan of up to R$20,000; know how

How does a loan of up to R$20,000 work for those who are MEI? Understand the rates and see how to apply for this line of credit.

Formalization as an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) opens doors to various opportunities for growth and development in business.

Among the most significant advantages is the possibility of accessing credit lines specially designed to meet the needs of these entrepreneurs. One of the most attractive options is a loan that can reach up to R$20,000.

Everything about the loan for those who are MEI! Credit: plasticaxe.

The Success of the MEI model in Brazil

The MEI modality was created to encourage the formalization of small and self-employed businesses, offering a simplified tax regime and benefits such as access to banking services, including credit.

The success of this model is due to its ability to combine ease of adherence with a broad set of advantages, boosting entrepreneurship in Brazil.

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The loan for MEI is available through the National Development Bank, the famous BNDS.

The credit line is aimed at both individuals and legal entities that qualify as small entrepreneurs, with productive activities and an annual gross revenue of up to R$360 thousand.

The resources obtained through this loan can be used for a variety of purposes, including working capital, investments in infrastructure, acquisition of machinery and equipment, in addition to the purchase of inputs and materials essential for the operation of the business.

Loan rates and costs for those who are MEI

The financial conditions of the MEI loan are specially designed to be accessible and sustainable for small entrepreneurs.

The interest rate is negotiated directly between the client and the operating agent, with a maximum limit of 4% per month, including all charges.

An administrative fee of up to 3% of the financed amount may also be applied when opening the credit. Furthermore, the maximum request value is R$20,000.

How to apply for the loan?

To request the loan, MEI can opt for a practical and quick process, either online, through the BNDES MPME Channel (, or in person, visiting one of the loan operating agents available in several cities and regions of the country.

Flexibility in the application process aims to facilitate access to credit for micro-entrepreneurs, regardless of their location.

MEIs can also apply for a credit card

In addition to the loan, MEI can also benefit from the BNDES credit card, which offers favorable conditions for financing business purchases.

The card’s interest rates are updated monthly and are available for consultation on the BNDES Card Operations Portal (The administrative fee, charged by the issuing bank, is limited to 2% of the credit limit granted.

Know the necessary documentation

Requesting a BNDES loan and credit card requires MEI to present its regular CNPJ and prove annual revenue within the established limit of R$360,000.

The necessary documentation and final procedures for issuing the card require the holder’s presence at the issuing banking institution, accompanied by all necessary documents and an active legal account.

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Use credit to improve your business!

The credit lines available to MEI, including a loan of up to R$20,000 and the BNDES credit card, are valuable tools for the development and growth of small businesses in Brazil.

With favorable credit conditions and accessible application processes, micro-entrepreneurs have important resources at their disposal to invest and expand their productive activities, thus contributing to boosting the economy and creating jobs.

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