MEI card released in 2024? Find out what advantages you can have

What new features does the MEI Card offer for individual microentrepreneurs in 2024? Check if it is worth requesting it for your business.

We have excellent news for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI) in Brazil: the launch of the MEI Card, an incredible launch by the Federal Government.

The new instrument, designed to innovate in the identification of MEIs and offer additional functionalities, is an initiative led by the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Marcio Fran├ža. Check out our article how it can benefit millions of entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals in the country.

MEI card is released in 2024! Credit: plasticaxe.

How to register as MEI: Step by Step

The first step to taking advantage of the new MEI Card is understanding how to become an Individual Microentrepreneur.

The process is quite simple and can be done online, without the need to appear in person at Government bodies. See the complete step-by-step guide below:

Access the federal government services portal (;Create an access password;Visit the Entrepreneur Portal (if your activity is allowed for MEI;Click on "I want to be MEI";Then click on " Get formalized”Fill out the online registration; that’s it! From there, your registration will be formalized, and you will be able to issue invoices as MEI.

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What documents are needed?

To carry out the entire process shown above, you must gather very specific documentation. Below, you can check all the documents necessary to become MEI in 2024:

CPF and voter ID.Residential zip code and place of activity.Numbers of the last two Income Tax declarations.Active cell phone number.

Furthermore, it is essential to meet some criteria to ensure formal registration as an Individual Microentrepreneur. Are they:

Not having partners in the business in question. Not having another company opened in your name. Not being a partner or administrator in another business.

MEI card launches in 2024

The MEI Card is an innovative government project, created to strengthen support for small business owners and self-employed professionals.

It offers a modern form of identification, including a chip for additional security for individual microentrepreneurs.

The launch of the card highlights a major advance in supporting micro-entrepreneurs, facilitating identification and adding value to their daily operations.

Is the MEI card now available?

No. The implementation of the MEI Card will occur gradually throughout 2024, without a specific launch date yet.

The virtual version is scheduled to be launched in the first half of the year, followed by the physical version in the second half of the year.

It is worth remembering that this card not only serves as an identification document, but also as an essential tool that promises to add several useful features for MEIs. More details about these features will be released soon, stay tuned!

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The future of microentrepreneurs in 2024

With the launch of the MEI Card and the facilitation of the formalization process, 2024 is established as a promising year for individual microentrepreneurs in Brazil.

The new MEI card is another step towards strengthening and recognizing this vital segment in the Brazilian economy. With additional facilities and the promise of careful implementation, this card will be a valuable resource for MEIs across the country.

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